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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Every three years ‘caregivers’, ie: parents or guardians of children attending the school, elect five representatives.  Additional to these five elected members who make up the Board of Trustees, are the Principal, an elected Staff Representative and up to four other co-opted members who may be appointed by the Board of Trustees for set periods of time. The current BOT was elected in September 2022.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is responsible for the setting, monitoring and guiding the strategic direction of the school, and works closely with the Principal of the School to ensure that good management practices are established and maintained.
Our strategic plan sets the foundations for:
  • prioritising academic achievement through excellence in teaching and learning,
  • ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of all at the school,
  • our unwavering commitment towards celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion,
  • effective and prudent financial oversight and care for our assets,
  • our approach to community and whānau engagement, and
  • how we bring our Te Tiriti obligations to life.
Day to day operations of the school are the responsibility of the Principal and sit outside of the remit and authority of the Board of Trustees. We work hard to ensure that this important separation of responsibilities is upheld.

Full Board meetings are held monthly and are open for attendance. Sub-committee meetings are held at regular intervals. BOT meeting dates are found in the school calendar.

The Board endeavours to consult with the school community as much as practicable on various issues and this consultation is via the Community Relations Committee and the PTA with information being passed on to caregivers either through individual correspondence, the fortnightly newsletter or special school notices/forums/meetings.

All enquiries and correspondence for discussion at a meeting should be addressed to The Board Chair, 193 Green Lane West, Greenlane, and sent to the BOT Secretary by email:  Alternatively dropped off in an envelope addressed to the BOT Chair, at the school office.

The current Board of Trustees are:

Nick Mackeson-Smith

Board Chair
Sub-Committees: Personnel Committee, Student Discipline
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Anthony Fong

Deputy Chair - Board Trustee

Kia Ora! Nimen hao! My name is Anthony Fong and it's my privilege and pleasure to be on the Board of Trustees. I am currently the Deputy Chair and very…

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Vijay Patel

Board Treasurer

Hi all, I currently have two daughters at CPDS, and my wife is a proud alumni of the school. Given the longevity of the relationship our family has with the…

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Michelle Nayagam

“Kia Ora. My name is Michelle Nayagam and it is such a privilege to be on the Board. I am a mum of 3 with 2 of my sons at…

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Anne-Marie Shepherd

Board Trustee

Kia ora I'm happy to serve on the Cornwall Park District School Board as a co-opted member.  I have a son who is currently in Year 5 at CPDS. I'm…

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Emma Henderson

Board Trustee

Creating a school environment in which all members; children, parents and staff feel heard, valued and respected is important to me. I joined the board in 2022 and want to…

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Janine Irvine

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Vicki Brooke

Board Trustee

It was an honour to be voted in as the Staff Representative to become a member of the Board of Trustees. I have been teaching at Cornwall Park District School…

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