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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Kia ora CPDS whānau,

Well, here we are again, following yet another lockdown. Thank you to all of you for your flexibility in adjusting to home learning and supporting your children on top of your usual daily activities. I know it’s far from easy to juggle it all, and it creates an extra level of stress and complexity, so thanks!

Yet again, with both of our recent lockdowns, we were ready to go with home learning activities on the evening that the government announcement was made. Huge thanks to the teachers for their hard work and late nights in preparing these activities so that learning could continue with as little disruption as possible. Each time we all seem to get a little better at handling what comes our way… but here’s hoping that we don’t have more lockdowns coming our way any time soon!

Much has happened already in our school’s centenary year:

  • Matua Rudolph held a ceremony to bless and formally open our new School Administration block. Special thanks to him for his unwavering support and commitment to the school and our community.
  • We officially opened our school centenary year where CPDS’ eldest and youngest children dug up a time capsule from our 75th Jubilee which was full of some really interesting items – the stinky decomposing jelly beans (what were they thinking?!) and the book “what will life at CPDS be like in 2021” were personal favourites of mine, followed by cupcakes for all.
  • We’ve planned a Family Fun Fiesta for all of the community to attend (if you haven’t signed up yet, please do! FAMILY FUN FIESTA LINK  – it’ll be great) 
  • We’ve held a Pōwhiri for new families joining our school this term

If you are keen to get involved in this year’s activities, please do like the CPDS Centenary Facebook page, contact the Fiesta Organising Team, for the Family Fun Centennial Fiesta, or get in touch with our Friends and Family group

A community can only exist through the contributions of its members, and we’d love for all parents and caregivers to have an opportunity to get involved where possible. 

And finally, a plea. We are committed to creating a school environment where everyone can flourish, so please, please pay your school donations – or whatever amount you can. Many of the activities, resources, and additional teaching support we have at the school ONLY can happen because of your donations. Last year the school’s financials were significantly impacted by a very noticeable drop in donations. We were able to redirect resources to ensure that the level of service and resourcing didn’t drop. Without a significant increase in families choosing to pay all or part of their donations, this year will be different. We simply don’t have the money to continue to fund everything the school has become accustomed to, and government funding we receive has limitations on where and how it can be spent. 

If you’ve made a conscious choice to not pay your donation – for any reason at all – then the Board of Trustees would really appreciate hearing from you to understand why, so that we can explore what would need to change for you to reconsider.  

Thank you to all of you.

Nick Mackeson-Smith
BOT Chair

董事会会议更新 – 2021年3月

亲爱的 CPDS 家长们您们好,

又来了,又是一次 Auckland 城市全面封锁。感谢所有家长在转变成为网上学习与在日常活动中,快速应变并为孩子们提供帮助与支持。我知道,这并不是一件容易的事,它会带来额外的压力和复杂性,所以谢谢家长们!



  • Matua Rudolph 举行了使用仪式,以祝福的方式正式启用我们新的学校管理区。特别感谢他对学校和我们社区的坚定支持和承诺。
  • 我们正式启动了我们的学校百年纪念活动,由 CPDS 的最年长和最小的学生从我们第75周年纪念活动中埋入至今,挖出来的一个时间胶囊开始,里面装满了一些非常有趣的东西 –  例如,已经腐烂分解的糖果( 他们到底在想什么?!)和一本写作书记  ” 2021 年 CPDS 的生活将会是什么样子?" 这个是我个人的最爱,其次是所有人都能吃到的纸杯蛋糕。
  • 我们已经为本社区筹划了一个家庭娱乐嘉年华会(  如果您尚未登记帮忙,请马上加入!FAMILY FUN FIESTA LINK 连键 – 肯定很好玩 )
  • 我们为这个学期加入我们学校的新家庭举办了一次新生欢迎仪式

如果您热衷于参与今年的活动,请在 CPDS 百年纪念 Facebook 里面点赞 ,与嘉年华组织团队 联系,了解 “ 家庭娱乐百年嘉年华会 ” ,或与我们的朋友和家人团员取得联系 


最后,一个请求。我们致力于创造一个能让每个学生都能蓬勃发展的学校环境,因此,请支付您的学校捐款 – 或您可以支付的任何金额。由于您的捐款,我们在学校拥有的许多活动,资源和额外的教学帮助才能得以实现。去年,学校的财务状况受到捐赠金额显着下降而有显着的影响。我们最后重新分配资源,以确保服务水平和资源配置不会下降。如果今年选择缴交全部或部分捐款的家庭数量没有增加,今年将会是不同的一年。我们根本没有钱继续为学校已经习惯的一切提供资金,而且我们获得的政府资助,在何处以及如何使用方面都存在局限性。

如果您出于任何原因( 无论出于任何原因 )做出了选择不捐款,那么董事会  希望您,并且会非常感谢您来信,让我们了解其中的原因,以便我们能够深入探讨改进,让您愿意重新考虑缴交捐款。


Nick Mackeson-Smith



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