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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Starting school is both exciting and a little bit stressful for children and parents – it’s a big moment in a childs life. The following information should help make those first few days a bit easier.

In the months prior to a child starting at school, all parents and caregivers are encouraged to make an appointment with Janine Irvine, school principal. This gives parents the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have and for Janine to individually meet with all new students.

For ‘Meet the Principal’ Bookings click here and enter the CODE: h2484


We recommend that new students attend at least two school visits prior to starting school. This can really help with settling any pre-start nerves. These visits usually include parents attending the first visit and, depending on how the child copes, the second visit may involve leaving your child for a short classroom introduction on their own. This will give your child an idea of what to expect when they start. This experience may not be with the actual class your child will be placed in.


On your child’s first day report to the office before 8.30am where any final enrolment procedures can be completed. Then you will be shown to their classroom and welcomed by the teacher and the other students.


The first school bell will ring at 8.30am. The school playground is not supervised before this time so all children should sit outside the school office if arriving early. Classrooms are available for entry from 8.30am. The bell will ring at 8.55am to start class. All students should be in their classroom ready at this time.


All children attending Cornwall Park District School must have a Stationery Year Pack (dependent upon the year the child is in). A stationery pack for your child should be collected from Onehunga Books & Stationery, 175A Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, prior to starting school. Simply visit Onehunga Books & Stationery, tell them the name of the school and the year level your child is in.

For New Entrants Only – Please bring the stationery pack to the first classroom school visit and leave with the teacher. She will arrange for this to be made ready for when your child starts school. If your child is starting in Term 3 or Term 4, please check with the school office the date packs will be available for purchase as these packs are reduced in line with the school year.


The school donation is set annually by the Board of Trustees. The Government does not fund our school for the level of resources and facilities that our parents want for their children and have come to expect for many years.

School donations collected annually help ensure that Cornwall Park District School continues to provide the best resources for our children’s learning, providing specialist teachers in music and physical education, a modern e-learning environment, high quality ESOL and gifted and talented programmes. These areas are not 100% funded by the Government and without receiving donations from our parents these cannot be guaranteed in the future.


For example classroom activities and trips, materials, school camps, music lessons, and events including performing arts, sports and cultural events. Many additional charges for activities and events which benefit your child’s education are known at the beginning of the year and are invoiced accordingly in one lump sum. From time to time, additional charges may arise for extra activities or events and these are invoiced accordingly, on an ‘as utilised’ basis, and should be paid when a request for payment is received. If for any reason your child can not attend an activity and remains at school, they will be catered for in another class. Statements are emailed to parents/caregivers on a monthly basis. There are eftpos and credit card payment facilities available at the school office for payments. Payment instalments can be arranged by contacting the school office. Please ensure any money sent to school is clearly identified—ie child’s name, room number and what the payment is for—preferably sent in an envelope. If you have to pay for more than one item at any one time, it would be appreciated if each amount is clearly itemised.


Your child should bring adequate food and drink each day to consume during morning tea time and lunchtime. Morning tea is from 10.30-10.50am. Lunch is 12.30-1.25pm. These times can be a bit overwhelming for new students and you may find they initially struggle to eat all their lunch. Over the next few weeks this should become part of their routine. You can help by discussing with them what they should eat at each break and ensuring they can open or unwrap their food and drinks. If you have any concerns, please talk to your teacher.

A healthy and nutritious lunch is available at the school canteen. A menu is available from the school website. If your child is ordering lunch, please send the correct money along to school in a clearly marked envelope noting the child’s name, room number and lunch order. The order is collected from the classroom before school starts. Please note that NZ currency must be used. If your child lets a teacher know that they do not have lunch, the child will be brought to the office, and we will attempt to contact parents. If the parent is unable to be contacted for prior permission, the school office staff will make the discretionary decision to give money to the child to buy lunch and a slip will be sent home for reimbursement.

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