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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.


All pupils visit the library once a week with their class, where they might enjoy a book being read out loud, browse the shelves, take out books or just curl up in a corner and read.

The library is open before school and lunchtime. On Tuesdays we have lunchtime drawing activities and on Thursdays at lunchtime they can play board games.

Library Monitors (Year 6 students) are here at these times to help younger pupils find their way around, and help with issuing and returning books.

Years 0 – 2 can take out up to 2 books, Years 3 – 4 up to 3 books and Years 5 – 6 up to 5 books at a time. Books are issued for two weeks but we encourage children to keep returning and taking home new books every week, once they have read them.

Parents are welcome to join up and borrow books to share with children at home.


This is our School Library Web App. Children can by clicking the button below to the CPDS Library to look for books, reserve, check their loans and visit educational websites. Here is a link to a short video Web App User Guide which explains how you and your children can get the most out of the Web App.


Parent help is always welcome and keeps our library humming along. If you have an hour or two available once or twice a term, or 30 minutes to spare after parking your car at 2.30pm, or enjoy doing crafty tasks at home in the evening, I would love to hear from you!

Here’s what helping in the library can offer:

  • You can meet the kids in your child’s class. Put faces to the names you hear about at the dinner table every night.
  • Shelving or covering books is delightfully mind-numbing. You might have deadlines looming or a problem nagging, but putting the books back on the shelves or applying spine tape is a wonderful way to focus on something else for a little bit.
  • If you enjoy crafty stuff, helping out with book displays and making labels can help you get creative for a good cause.
  • Learn about current books and authors and recommend them to your kids. After checking in the pile of books sitting on the counter every week, you start getting an idea of what titles are popular and what genres kids are getting into at their age.

The more helpers I have, the more we can do to make this busy space even better! You can help at home, with friends … whatever works for you!

Please contact me at, or call into the office.

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