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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.


The school donation is set annually by the Board of Trustees. Unfortunately the Government does not fund our school for the level of resources and facilities that our parents want for their children and have come to expect for many years.  Our school is not eligible to be part of the Government’s Donation Scheme* and therefore does not receive any donation money from the Ministry.

The school donations are collected annually to help ensure that Cornwall Park District School continues to provide the best resources for our children’s learning, by providing high quality professional learning opportunities for teachers, specialist teachers above government funding, as well as extra personnel to provide a range of learning interventions and in-class support for a number of learners.

So please support us to be better than before by contributing through payment of your school donation.


  • State and state-integrated schools with an EQI of 432 or higher can choose to receive a per student payment per year if they agree not to ask parents and caregivers for donations, except for overnight camps.


In November 2016 the Ministry of Education made further clarification to their existing guidelines regarding what parents could and could not be charged for in State schools.

This has some significant implications for our school going forward. For example, for Year 5 and 6 camps we are unable to charge for these. However, the school does not budget to cover the costs of current class trips/ camps each year from school funds, and we would therefore still need to request a contribution to cover these. While we are aware that payment can not be enforced, please appreciate that for the camp and class trips to go ahead we are dependent on these contributions.

If people choose not to contribute, then we may be forced to cancel an event in order to protect the school financially. We will be monitoring any impact throughout the year and if the level of contributions become an issue we will then need to decide if we are able to continue to offer such trips/camps in the future.

In order to be fair to all we have decided that we will request a contribution each time a class excursion/ event is being offered throughout the year.

Kindo is our preferred method for making all payments. In special circumstances alternative payment methods may be possible, please contact the office to discuss this.

The Kindo online School Shop is our preferred method of payment for all your child’s school charges. Creating your account is a simple three step process that only requires the email address you’ve supplied to the school and your chosen password. Kindo is easy, secure, open 24/7 and offers many card and bank transfer options, as well as options to hold an online balance, or pay-as-you-go.

Set up an account easily. All you need is your email address which matches the one held by the school.

Shop anytime, anywhere with our Kindo online School shop.

You can:

  • view and make full or part payments on your family account
  • register and pay for sports events
  • support fundraisers

Choose to pay-as-you-go or add funds to your Kindo account in advance, using the fee free option of internet banking or by using POLi or Credit/Debit card (fees apply).


Contact the Kindo helpdesk on freephone 0508 4 KINDO (0508 454 636), Mon-Fri 8am-4pm or email

See it in action

We have a short YouTube tutorial to help you get started.

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