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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

I love celebrating milestone birthdays – those moments that feel all the more special and represent reaching the next significant phase.  I remember my 18th, my 21st, and (most of) my 30th birthday, and we made a fuss of the double digits 10-year old in our family in the last year.

This year is special one for our school. It’s triple digits. A century. 10 decades. 100 years. Whichever way you look at it, it’s amazing and it’s definitely something worth celebrating.  The history of our school is well-documented – you can google it, or read about it on our website, or chat to many of the teachers and caregivers and ex-pupils that have contributed to its’ long and shining history.  They’ll all have fond memories and many stories to tell.

 Instead of talking about that again now, I’d like to encourage us all to look ahead to the future, and to think what we can do in the next 100 years. Think about what new stories each of us can write, and what fond memories are yet to be created. The future offers us limitless possibilities, and we collectively have a role in carving out an amazing story that future generations will be able to look back on in awe.  Our school has a solid set of values and dispositions, which will stand the test of time and offer a great platform for us to think about how each of us – not just our children – can make a real effort to be better than before.

  • Aroha – The way in which we care for each other – through tolerance, and respect and with compassion.
  • Manawanui – The way in which we persevere in our efforts – by striving to work harder and with more commitment – especially when things get tough
  • Kanarau – The way in which we seek respect others – by being tolerant, inclusive and by making an effort to understand and include others and celebrating difference.
  • Whakakotahi – The way in which we demonstrate integrity – by making great and consistent choices, by being honest, trustworthy, and following through on commitments.

 This school community is better because you are in it, and we’ve got some amazing things to do together this year – let’s get to it.

Whakapau kaha! Rā whānau ki a Te Kura O Maungakiekie!

Thanks, and happy 100th birthday CPDS!




我喜欢庆祝里程碑式的生日 – 那些感觉更加特别,并且代表着进入下一个重要阶段的时刻。我记得我18岁,21岁和30岁的生日,去年我们庆祝家里成员十岁的生日,并且在两位数字上大做文章。

今年对我们学校来说是特殊的一年。它是三位数。一个世纪。 10个10年。 100年。无论您以哪种方式去看它,它都很棒,而且绝对值得庆祝。我们学校的历史记录有据可查 – 您可以上网搜索它,或在我们学校的网站上阅读它,或与许多有助于其悠久而辉煌的历史的老师们,家长们和以前的学生们聊天。他们都拥有美好的回忆和许多故事和大家分享。

与其现在继续谈论这个话题,不如鼓励我们所有人展望未来,并思考在未来100年中我们可以做些什么。想一想我们每个人都可以写下什么新故事,还有哪些尚待建立的美好回忆。未来,为我们提供了无限的可能性,我们共同发挥作用,共同勾勒出一个令人惊奇的故事,使子孙后代能够敬畏地回顾过去。我们学校拥有一套扎实的价值观和品格标准,它将丞受时间的考验,并为我们提供一个很好的平台来思考我们每个人 – 不仅仅是我们的孩子们 – 怎样才能做出真正的努力使自己变得比以前更好。

  • Aroha – 我们互相尊重的方式 – 通过宽容,尊重和同情。
  • Manawanui – 我们坚持不懈的努力方式 – 通过努力工作和做出更大的承诺 – 尤其是在困难时期。
  • Kanarau – 我们寻求尊重他人的方式 – 宽容,包容,努力理解和接受他人并表扬彼此的差异。
  • Whakakotahi – 我们表现出诚信的方式 – 通过做出正确而坚定的选择,诚实,守信并恪守承诺。


这个学校社区将会更好,因为您参与其中。我们今年有很多精彩的事情需要大家共同参与 – 让我们开始吧。

Whakapau kaha! Rā whānau ki a Te Kura O Maungakiekie!

谢谢,并且祝福 CPDS 诞辰100周年!






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