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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Tēnā koutou katoa. 

I’ll start with a massive thank you to the parents and caregivers who have paid their school donations to help us maintain our school’s staffing, environment and resources. We’re really pleased with how payments have been tracking so far this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing more donations coming in over the coming weeks and months. 


I’m delighted to confirm that our partnership with the reviewers from the Education Review Office has also begun – we’ve had a really encouraging first few meetings between ERO and school leadership, and we’re now starting to define and agree our areas of focus for the next three years. The process is different to previous years, and means that we’ll have an opportunity to work alongside an experienced ex-principal to co-design how we might further grow and improve, and ultimately continue to provide excellent education to your children.


Throughout the course of the year, our school curriculum leads share their strategies and approaches to enriching the children’s learning experience with the Board of Trustees. At our last meeting, we were treated to an immersive overview of the school’s digital learning approach from Adam Powell, which saw the Board learning basic coding strategies using iPads. It was immense fun. We’re extremely fortunate to be able to provide our children with the resources and focus to be successful in the modern world, and digital literacy is only going to have an increasingly important role to play in our children’s success. Your donations help to make this kind of experience possible and accessible to all at the school. 

It’s great to see so many children making the most of our special Centenary year by wearing the limited edition uniform.  Remember – this uniform is only available for a short period of time, so make the most of the moment while you can. We also have a whole range of events and activities planned for the year ahead, so make sure you volunteer to help if you can lend a hand in any way. The community makes the school!

Lastly, I’d like to welcome our three new trustees of the school, who were formerly appointed to the Board of Trustees by co-option at our last meeting. We’re really fortunate to have such a talented and passionate group of parents who are willing to play a role in school governance. Greetings, greetings to all of you – you are most welcome.


Anne-Marie Shepherd 

Tēnā koutou, 你好, warm greetings. He uri ahau nō Ngāti Porou me pākehā hoki.  It is a privilege to join the Board of Trustees at Cornwall Park District School. I have worked at Auckland Council since 2018 in various roles including communications and community engagement. I have a passion for learning and a desire to see all of our tamariki reach their potential. I also have a keen professional and personal interest in literacy. I grew up in Auckland and also spent a number of years living in Taipei (I miss the food every day!). I have one child who attends Cornwall Park District School.  

Vijay Patel

I am an active member of the governing community, being a member of the ASEAN Future Generation Committee. I am the past Chairman of the Auckland Structural Group, after sitting on the board as Treasurer and Secretary previously. More recently I have been coaching kids hockey teams, and am a member of the Junior Coaching and Coordination committee for the hockey club. I have a technical background working as a structural engineer, but my role at Beca is diversified and working as a market segment leader on business development activities, my skill set is varied and communication is a key aspect of my job. I am responsible for a team of engineers, prepare financial and non-financial reports, and lead the delivery of multi-discipline major projects. 

Anthony Fong 

CPDS recognises the importance of Asia in New Zealand’s future and I see this as an area whereby I feel I can make a difference. Being a Kiwi born Chinese and having lived in China recently for 2 years with my family (2017-2019) has given me insight into the cultural challenges for students and families arriving to CPDS from China. The education systems and way of life are quite different between New Zealand and China. Being a bridge or support for our Chinese students is something I am passionate about to make sure our Chinese students are comfortable with the transition to kiwi life. Having experience as a Committee Member on various organisations such as Auckland Region Arthritis NZ, Eden-Epsom Playcentre, Auckland Zhong Shan Clan and NZ Sue Yueen Tong has also provided me with familiarity with governance, policies and the day to day compliances involved.

Take care of yourselves as we start to have rainier and darker days. It’s pretty yuck out there.

Ngā mihi,



Term 2 Policy and Procedures – Review

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This term we are reviewing:

Protected Disclosure (BOT, Staff)

Visitors (BOT, Staff)

Reporting to Parents on Student Progress and Achievement

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我很高兴地通知您,我们与教育审查办公室的审查人员的合作伙伴关系已经开始 — 我们在 ERO 和学校领导层之间举行了几次非常令人鼓舞的会议,我们现在开始定义规划并且双方同意我们未来三年的教学领域重点。这个过程与往年不同,这意味着我们将有机会与一位经验丰富的前校长合作,共同计划我们如何进一步成长和改进,并继续为您的孩子提供优质的教育。


在这一年里,我们学校学习课程的负责人与董事会分享了孩子们接受丰富学习体验的策略和方法。在上次会议中,我们听取了 Adam Powell  对学校数位学习方法有如身临其境的概述,他教導董事使用 iPad 学习基本的编程技术。这是非常有趣的。我们非常幸运能够为我们的孩子们提供在现代世界取得成功的重要资源,而数位教学只会在我们孩子们的成功中发挥越来越重要的作用。您的捐款有助于使这种体验成为可能,并且让学校的所有人都能夠学习。


很高兴看到这么多孩子穿着限量版制服,这充分表达了我们对学校百年的特殊纪念。提示您 – 这件制服仅在短时间内贩售,因此请尽可能充分把握这段时间。我们还计划了一系列庆祝活动,因此如果您能以任何方式伸出援手,请您积极的参与并且提供帮助。社区造就学校!

最后,我要欢迎我们学校的三位新董事会成员,他们在上一次的会议上通过增选被任命为董事会成员。我们真的很幸运有这样一群才华横溢、热情洋溢、愿意在学校治理中发挥作用的家长。亲切的问候,向您们所有的人问好 – 非常欢迎您们。 

Anne-Marie Shepherd 

您们好,热情的问候您。 我有 Ngāti Porou 和欧洲血统。很荣幸加入 Cornwall Park 小学的董事会。自 2018 年以来,我一直在奥克兰市议会担任各种职务,包括沟通交流和社区参与。我对学习充满热情,并希望看到我们所有的孩子们都能发挥其潜力。我也对文学有着浓厚的专业和个人兴趣。我在奥克兰长大,也在台北生活了很多年(我每天都想念着台北的食物!)。我有一个孩子在 Cornwall Park 小学上学。

Vijay Patel

我是社区管理的积极成员,是东盟新一代委员会的成员。我是奥克兰结构集团的前任主席,此前担任董事会财务主管和秘书。最近,我一直在指导儿童曲棍球队,并且是曲棍球俱乐部青少年教练和协调委员会的成员。我有结构工程师的技术背景,但我在 Beca 的角色是多元化的,并且是业务发展活动的市场领导者,我的技能是多样的,沟通是我工作的一个重要关键。我负责一个工程师团队,准备财务和非财务报告,并领导负责多学科重大项目。

Anthony Fong

CPDS 认识到亚洲在新西兰未来的重要性,我认为这是一个我可以有所作为的领域。作为新西兰出生的中国人,和家人一起在中国生活了2年(2017 – 2019 年),这让我深入了解从中国来到 CPDS 的学生和家庭所面临的文化挑战。新西兰和中国的教育体系和生活方式有很大的不同。作为中国学生的桥梁和支助,我热衷于帮助我们中国学生适应新西兰生活。作为新西兰奥克兰地区关节炎协会、Eden-Epsom Playcentre、奥克兰中山氏和新西兰溯源堂等各种组织机构的委员会成员,我也熟悉了相关的治理、政策和所涉及的日常管理体制。 

雨天和黑暗的日子即将来临 (冬天到了),请照顾好自己。因为那会令人感到不舒服。






第 2 学期政策和程序 – 审查

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