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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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CPDS Fair 2020
Dear Community
I’d like to thank all of the people who have invested their time and energy and effort in supporting the CPDS school fair over the past years – we’re very grateful for all your contribution and it is clear how important the school fair is to you.

Despite some wonderful ideas and a desire from the community to keep the fair running, this unfortunately hasn’t translated into enough volunteers in the positions we need to make the fair possible.

After a lengthy period of weighing up all of the options as well as potential impact on the teaching staff, The Board of Trustees have no choice but to make the extremely difficult decision that there will be no school fair this year at CPDS.

We know that a school fair is not the only way to celebrate our place in the community. In fact, this year, we’re gearing up for a significant event in 2021 when we will be celebrating our school centenary, and our wonderful Friends and Family events are also going from strength to strength.

Our community is really important to us and we remain committed to finding other opportunities for our community to get together and celebrate and have a wonderful day out.  If you are interested in playing a role in organising an event like this, then please email us now.

Like many of you, I will always personally cherish my memories of the great CPDS school fair, and whilst there won’t be one this year, I remain excited about seeing ways in which our fair can evolve to become even better than before in the future.

Nick Mackeson-Smith
Chair – Board of Trustees

Supported by your Board of Trustees, and the Management Team of Cornwall Park District School
Andrew Bason, Sarah Sutcliffe, Sanjeev Deva, Kirstin Fleming, George Tan, Anne Patel, Janine Irvine, Dawn Wood, and Shanthan Naidu

2020年 CPDS 校集会


我要感谢过去多年来为支持CPDS学校校集会付出了时间和精力的所有人们 – 我们非常感谢您所做的一切,很明显,学校校集会对您来说非常重要。


经过漫长的时间权衡所有选择以及对教职员工的潜在影响之后,董事会别无选择,只能做出极其困难的决定,即今年 CPDS 不会举办校集会活动。

我们知道,庆祝学校校集会并不是用来团结社区力量与服务校区居民的唯一途径。实际上,今年,我们正在准备明年 2021 年重要的庆祝活动,届时我们将庆祝我们学校的百年诞辰,而我们一向精彩且豐富的 “ 朋友与家人 ” 活动也在不断扩大之中。


和许多人一样,我将永远怀念对盛大并且成功的 CPDS 学校校集会的记忆,尽管今年不会举办,但我仍然充满期待,希望看到我们未来的校集会能够努力发展到比以前更好的方式来进行。

Nick Mackeson-Smith 


并且得到 CPDS 学校董事会和 Cornwall Park 小学地区学校管理团队的支持

Andrew Bason,Sarah Sutcliffe,Sanjeev Deva,Kirstin Fleming,George Tan,Anne Patel,Janine Irvine,Dawn Wood和Shanthan Naidu 


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