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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Kia ora whanau,

The Fair

The board are delighted to see that there has been a positive reaction to our request for additional support to keep the fair running. A few weeks ago, we received some great suggestions from around 35 members of the school community at our design thinking sessions, and we’ve also received many emails full of ideas and suggestions from parents and caregivers. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time and energy to support the fair.

The Board would like to thank all those who have helped make our fair so successful over the years. It is obvious from recent feedback that the community wants us to keep this event and therefore, the board voted unanimously that the Fair for 2020 will go ahead subject to certain conditions being met, The Board has looked at the logistics including the number of volunteers required, and has decided there are a few changes we must make to ensure we can be successful, including key positions being filled before the end of the year and some important changes made including:

  • We’ll have fewer stalls – we’ll still be keeping the family favourites, but we’ll need to combine many of the smaller or more specialist stalls together with others
  • Food stalls will be outsourced – we’re looking to get a great selection of international food trucks.
  • The larger field activities will be outsourced – we want to make sure that the kids continue to have huge amounts of fun
  • Our fair donations process will be simpler and easier for our sorting team to manage – and will also look to cut down on the amount of leftover items for us to move on after the fair (which costs the school money).

The fair relies almost entirely on the goodwill of the community, and this year will be no different. We are very grateful to those who have already locked in their support for the fair and have committed to help with some key positions. We’ll also be looking for a handful of passionate and dedicated people to join the team to fill some very important positions – look out for an email from Janine in the coming days.

There are so many ways to get involved… remember that we’ll also be looking for helpers for stalls on the day – every little bit helps. 



Nick Mackeson-Smith

BOT Chair






  • 我们将会减少摊位 – 我们仍会保留许多人的喜爱,但是我们需要合并较小的摊位或者是合并更多的摊位
  • 食品摊位将外包 – 我们将寻求更多的国际食品摊位供您选择。
  • 户外活动项目将外包 – 我们要确保孩子们继续享受游戏带来的乐趣。
  • 对于我们的整理团队而言,我们的校集会捐赠流程将变得更加简单和容易 – 并希望减少剩余的物品数量,以便我们在校集会后继续保存( 这需要花费 )。

校集会几乎完全依靠社区的帮助,今年也将如此。我们非常感谢那些已经锁定对校集会的支持并致力于为重要职位提供帮助的人。我们还将寻找一些充满热情和奉献精神的人加入该团队,以填补一些非常重要的职位 – 在接下来的几天内,大家将会收到 Janine 的电子邮件。

参与的方式有很多种… 校集会当天我们还必须为摊位寻找志愿帮忙者 – 任何帮助都有帮助。


Nick Mackeson-Smith



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