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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Kia ora whanau,

You want the fair.

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who took the time to provide their feedback on the future of the CPDS fair. It was clear that the community felt strongly that the fair should continue.  What remains unclear is exactly how the fair will run.

The fair is for the community, and our belief is that the community are best placed to design and run it – it’s your event.

 How do we do it?

On Tuesday 15th October, we’ll be holding two meetings at the school to help the community to redesign the CPDS fair. We’ll provide information about what already works well, where we think things could be better, and how much effort is put in for each and every dollar raised across each stall. We’ll also provide a bite to eat and some light refreshments. 

 We ask that you bring your ideas, and an openness to explore new approaches.

 We look forward to welcoming our dedicated group of existing volunteers, alongside those of you who may not have been involved in the fair before, or are new to the school. Everyone is welcome. All perspectives will be valued.

 As we don’t want to be wasteful with ordering too much food, please can you click one of the following links to let us know that you are planning on attending and which session you’ll be at.

Thank you – the Board of Trustees look forward to seeing you there.  We’re a step closer to keeping the fair alive. The next part is down to you.


At our board meeting on Tuesday 24th September, we also discussed a number of really important matters – some highlights below.

  • The Board would like to highlight our Community Conduct Expectations and Community Social Media Guidelines. Everyone associated with the school has the right to be treated with care and respect at all times and in all places – and that includes on social media. We all collectively have a responsibility to ensure that CPDS is a safe environment for all people who are part of it – parents, caregivers, teachers, support staff, and the children. The Board will take breaches of these expectations and guidelines seriously.
  • We are delighted to confirm that the board has unanimously voted to co-opt George Tan as a trustee of the school. George was nominated by members of the Chinese community to serve on the board in a newly created position which ensures that our school demographic is appropriately represented on the board. Please join me in welcoming George’s significant experience, mana, and interest in supporting the school.
  • The school’s property vision is now live on the school website and in the window outside the library. We’re determined to create an amazing environment for the children, and would love to hear your feedback on our plans.
  • It’s almost summer… look out for information about access to the swimming pool coming your way soon.

 Enjoy the half term break.

Ka kite,

 Nick Mackeson-Smith

Chair, Board of Trustees




首先,我要感谢所有花时间为 Cornwall Park 小学校集会的未来提供意见和反馈的人。非常清楚的是,社区强烈认为校集会应该继续保持下去。尚不清楚的是校集会将如何进行。

校集会是社区的活动,我们相信所有的社区人员是计划和运营校集会的最佳人选 – 这是属于您的活动。


10月15日星期二,我们将在学校举行两次会议,以帮助社区重新计划 Cornwall Park 小学的校集会。我们将提供以下信息:已经运作良好的摊位,我们认为可能会更好的运作方式,以及每个摊位筹集的每一元投入了多少精力。此会议将提供小吃和点心。




谢谢您 – 董事会期待您的光临。我们延续校集会的活动又向前迈进一步。接下来的部分取决于您。

9月24日星期二的董事会会议上,我们还讨论了一些非常重要的事项 – 以下是一些重点。

  • 董事会希望强调我们的《社区行为期望》和《社区社交媒体指南》。与学校有联系的每个人都有权在任何时间,任何地方受到照顾和尊重 – 这也包括在社交媒体上。我们所有人都有责任确保参与 CPDS 的所有人 – 不论是父母,看护人员,老师,协助人员和孩子们,让他们知道这是一个安全的环境。董事会将严重看待违反这些期望和准则的人们。
  • 我们很高兴并且确认董事会已经一致投票通过,将 George Tan 选为学校的受托人。乔治(George)由华人社区提名,以新设立的职位担任董事会成员,以确保我们華人社区团体在学校的人口统计数据里,在董事会中能夠得到适当的发言机会和代表。请与我一起欢迎 George 的宝贵经验,能力和对支持学校的热情。
  • 学校的房产愿景现已发布在学校的网站上。也可以在图书馆外面的公告栏里找到。我们决心为孩子们创造一个令人赞叹的环境,并希望听到您对我们计划的意见和反馈。
  • 快到夏天了… 请注意即将到来有关使用游泳池的信息。



Nick Mackeson-Smith



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