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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Kia ora whanau,

 It’s finally Spring! Phew! It feels like that was a long and wet Winter. 

 Usually, I’d be saying something like “it’s time for a spring clean, so start to have a think about putting things aside to donate to the school fair”, but sadly we received exactly zero (0) responses from the entire school community of around 1,000 parents or caregivers regarding our appeal for help or ideas to keep the school fair alive.

 With no tangible support or new ideas being offered by the community, we as a board are faced with the extremely difficult decision where we are now likely to cancel the fair

 So many things at the school are directly funded by the money we raise through the school fair. If we don’t raise the funds through the fair, then we will have to find/create alternative sources of revenue to maintain the wonderful learning environment our children all benefit from. This – I’m sure you’ll imagine – will be no simple task.

 The Cornwall Park School Fair has long been an important fixture of the calendar for many people – both within our school and in the wider community. I knew about the fair long before having children with the school, and it’s become something we are widely known for. Please, please help us to save the fair. 

 Therefore – this is a LAST CALL FOR HELP/IDEAS. We’ll be discussing and voting on cancelling the fair at the next board meeting on Tuesday 24th September if no tangible support is found by then.

In other news, from our meeting of Tuesday 27th August:

  • We’ve established a Centenary Committee to get our school ready for our Centenary celebrations. Thank you to all of you who have expressed an interest in being involved.
  • The board received an update on the status of school donations. I’d like to thank all parents and caregivers who have already made their donation for the year – it is greatly appreciated, and makes a huge difference to our ability to resource the school effectively. 
  • We’ve received interest from the Chinese community for our open position as a  trustee of the school. We’ll begin the process of meeting with candidates to select a new board member this week, and hope that we’ll have a representative from the Chinese community in place before our next meeting. 

 The full minutes of the meeting will be available on the BOT website when they have been signed off.  If you’d like to learn more about the work of the board of trustees, then please do get in touch with any member of the team. We’re super happy to help, and are always interested in your feedback in relation to the strategic direction and our governance of the school. 

 Ka kite ano


Chair, Board of Trustees 


拯救校集会 / 8月董事会更新 



 通常我会说 “现在是春天大扫除的时候了,可以开始考虑把不需要的东西放在一旁,捐赠给学校的校集会”,但遗憾的是来自整个学校社区大约1,000名父母或看护人,我们收到了零(0)回复关于我们寻求帮助或想法以保持校集会的呼吁。


 学校里有很多东西都是我们通过校集会筹集的资金直接资助的。如果我们不通过校集会筹集资金,那么我们将不得不寻找 / 创造其他收入来源,以维持我们孩子们所受益的美妙学习环境。这样的话 – 相信您能想象 – 这不是一件简单的事。

 Cornwall Park 校集会长期以来一直是许多人的重要日子 – 无论是在我们学校社区还是在更广泛的社区。在送孩子们来上学之前我就已经知道了这个校集会,这已成为我们广为人知的事情。请帮助我们保存校集会

 因此 – 这是最后一次呼吁大家提供帮助和提供想法。如果还是没有找到切实的支持,我们将在9月24日星期二,下一次董事会会议上讨论并投票取消校集会。



董事会收到了关于学校捐款的最新情况。我要感谢所有已经为这一年捐款的父母和看护人 – 我们非常感谢,并且对我们有效地为学校提供资源的能力产生了巨大的影响。


会议的完整会议记录将在 BOT 网站上签字后公布。如果您想了解更多关于董事会成员的工作,请与团队中的任何成员取得联系。我们非常乐意提供帮助,并且始终对您在学校战略方向和学校治理方面的反馈感兴趣。





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