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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Hello all, and welcome back after the Easter Break. I hope that you all had an opportunity to spend some quality time with your children before they headed back to school – my family and I braved Rainbows End on a rainy Friday, and discovered that 2-year olds can be just as brave – if not braver – than a 6 and and 8 year old!!!



The Board last met on the 7th May. Minutes from the meeting will be available here in due course, once they are signed off.

We had lots to discuss and had a great meeting – here are the highlights I’d like to share with you this time around:

  • We discussed the results of the legendary Cornwall Park District School Fair. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of the fair committee, teaching staff, support staff, their families, their friends, students from Epsom Girls Grammar School and One Tree Hill College, all of the amazing helpers from CPDS Friends & Family, and every single parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, cousin, brother and sister, and grandparent who helped with the fair. It was a stunning achievement to raise so much money for the school and to deliver another successful fair. Without your help, it simply wouldn’t have been possible. As you all know, the fair was at risk of not running at all this year, and sadly even with the monumental efforts of everyone who helped, we still needed more volunteers. It’s such a fabulous part of our school community – so we’ll make extra efforts to find ways to continue with the fair – but without additional volunteers stepping forward to help, we may not be so fortunate next year. If you are keen to get involved in finding ways to save the fair, then please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.
  • We were updated on the status of the school donations.  Donations are collected annually to make sure that the school can provide the best resources for our children’s learning, to provide high quality learning opportunities for our teachers and specialist teachers, and give funding for extra personnel to provide additional learning opportunities and in-class support for a number of learners. It’s a really important funding stream for the school.  If you haven’t yet made your school donation and would like to, then please check out the school website here.
  • The School Trustee elections are the biggest democratic process in New Zealand and are coming up soon.  By now, you will have received nomination forms and details of the election process through the mail. In my opinion, serving as a member of the board of trustees is a massive privilege, and an opportunity to make a huge difference to your community. If you are interested in standing as an elected member, then I encourage you to chat to any of the current board of trustees who will be able to tell you what it’s like, what to expect, and why they chose to serve as a trustee. There is also heaps of information available to help you pick your way through the jargon on the NZSTA Trustee Elections website.
  • It’s really wonderful to see the children in their new house t-shirts – I spotted a few from Aroha House at Countdown on the weekend… that’s dedication to your house!!  Being part of a house allows our older children to connect with the younger ones, and creates a platform for recognising and reinforcing positive behaviours and leadership. It’s a great way of connecting children and whānau, and we’ve seen some really wonderful examples of care and regard for others in recent weeks.  Congratulations to Whakakotahi House for achieving the most points last term – your reward day looked like heaps of fun!
  • And lastly, a reminder that the school’s Sports uniform is mandatory for all students in years 5 and 6, and should be worn for PE and all other sports events. Please can you ensure that your child(ren) attend school with the correct uniform.

All the best, and good luck in the forthcoming School Trustee Elections to all of those who are putting their hand up to serve.




大家好,欢迎在复活节假期后回来。希望你们都有机会和孩子们一起度过一段美好的时光,然后重回到学校 – 我的家人和我在一个下雨的星期五到 Rainbows End 游玩,我同时发现2岁的孩子也可以非常勇敢 – 如果没有比6岁和8岁的孩子更勇敢!


我们讨论了很多事情并举行了一次很棒的会议 – 以下是我想与大家分享的亮点:


我们讨论了传奇的 Cornwall Park 校集会的成果。我非常感谢所有的帮助來自校集会的委员们,教职人员,辅导人员,他们的家人,他们的朋友,Epsom 女子文法学校和 One Tree Hill 中学的学生,以及来自 CPDS 的朋友和家人,还有帮助校集会的每一位父母,监护人,阿姨,叔叔,兄弟姐妹们和祖父母。成功举办了另一场校集会是一项了不起的成就,並为学校筹集这么多经费。没有你们的帮助,根本就不可能完成这个任务。众所周知,今年的校集会本来有可能无法顺利运行,非常遗憾的是,即使所有帮助的人都做出了巨大努力,我们仍然需要更多的志愿者。校集会是我们学校社区中非常传奇的一部分,一项大规模活动 – 所以我们会做出更大的努力来寻找继续举办校集会的方法 – 但是如果没有更多的志愿者来参与,我们明年可能不会那么幸运,顺利举行校集会,如果您希望参与寻找拯救校集会的方法,那么请联系我们 – 我们很乐意听取您的意见。




学校董事会委托人选举是新西兰最大的民主进程,很快就会到来。到目前为止,您将通过邮件收到提名表格和选举程序的详细信息。对我来说,担任董事会成员是一项巨大的特权,也是一个为社区带来巨大变化的机会。如果您有兴趣成为会员,那么我鼓励您与任何现任董事会成员聊天,他们将能够告诉您它是什么性质,您可以期待什么,以及他们为什么选择担任受托人的原因。通过(NZSTA Trustee Elections )网站上的大量信息可以帮助您更加了解情况。


看到孩子们穿着他们的 House T恤真是太棒了 – 我周末在 Countdown 发现了一些穿着 Aroha House 的T恤的孩子……这是对你的颜色组织团体的支持!作为颜色组织团体的一份子,我们的大孩子可以与年幼的孩子相互联系,并创建一个了解并加强积极行为和领导力的平台。这是连接孩子和 whānau 家族的好方法,最近几周我们看到了一些关心他人的良好例子。恭喜 Whakakotahi House (蓝色)上个学期获得最高分 – 你们的奖励日(已经过了)充满乐趣!








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