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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Kia ora, CPDS whānau,

The board met on Tuesday 26th March.  The ratified minutes for our February meeting are available here.

This month, there are a couple of things I’d like to give a special mention to:

  • I’ve been at the school a lot during the last month, and have been pleased to be able to speak with a number of teachers, support staff and teacher aides. I’ve observed morning staff meetings, before school extra homework practice, and some early hours sports practice when it’s barely daytime! Each time I’ve been there, I’ve been blown away with the passion, skill, dedication and commitment shown by all of the people I’ve engaged with. I’d like to say a big thank you to all of the CPDS staff for all that they do, to ensure that the children have the best possible environment for learning and development every day.  We really are fortunate to have such an exceptional team.
  • Policy Review – The following policies are up for review for Term 1.  Please take a moment to review these
    Username: cornwallpark
    Password: CPDS
    – School Swimming Pool (Board, staff and parents)
    – Alcohol/Drugs and Other Harmful Substances (Board, staff and parents)
    – Legislation and Administration Policy (Board and staff)
  • If you are considering putting your name forward in the upcoming trustee elections, then you will be interested in the Kōrari Ako workshop at Epsom Girls Grammar School on 30th April at 6.45pm. It’s for aspiring trustees to learn more about the role of the Board and the various representatives within and will discuss the topics here. Please let me know if you would like to attend (, and I’ll reserve you a spot. There is no obligation to stand in the elections or join the board of trustees – this is an information evening only!
  • And lastly, and most importantly, our legendary school fair takes place this weekend on the 7th April.  The fair has been a fixture at the school since the early 1980’s, and is a critical part of our fundraising efforts. Many of the facilities that our children enjoy today are as a direct result of money raised through the generosity and efforts of our community over the years.  Sadly, this year we haven’t had nearly enough people come forward to volunteer, and this has put the future of our fair at risk. We’ve even had to take the step of asking students from neighbouring secondary schools to volunteer their time as we don’t have enough parents or caregivers to cover our stalls.  If we don’t have volunteers, we can’t run the fair. If we can’t run the fair, then we need to find another way to raise additional funds for these facilities – it’s that simple. Life is busy – we all have competing pressures on our time – but volunteering for the fair is heaps of fun, directly supports the ongoing funding of amazing school facilities and builds a connectedness that will bring you a little bit closer into the school community. My last appeal – PLEASE chat to your child’s teacher this week (or fill in this form) and donate whatever time you can to support the fair. Every. Little. Bit. Helps.






上个月我一直在学校参观考察,并且很高兴能够与一些老师,工作人员和助理老师交谈。我观察过早上的员工会议,在学校上课前额外的家庭作业练习,以及一些大清早的体育活动练习,几乎天都还没有亮就开始!每次我去观看,我都被所有人所表现出来的热情,技巧,尽责和奉献精神所震撼。我要非常感谢所有 CPDS 教职人员,感谢他们所做的一切,确保孩子们每天都有最好的学习和发展环境。我们真的很幸运拥有这样一支优秀的团队。

政策审核 – 以下政策适用于第1学期的审核。请花点时间查看这些政策



– 学校游泳池(董事会,员工和家长)

– 酒精/毒品和其他有害物质(董事会,员工和父母)

– 立法和行政政策(董事会和员工)

如果您正在考虑报名参加即将举行的董事会受托人选举,那么您将对4月30日下午6点45分在 Epsom 女子文法学校所举办的 KōrariAko 研讨会感兴趣。有理想和抱负的受托人可以更多地了解董事会和各个代表的角色,并在此研讨会中讨论这些问题。Link 如果您想参加, 请与我联系,(,我会为您预留一个位置。您没有义务参加选举或加入董事会 – 这只是一个信息之夜!

最后,最重要的是,我们的传奇校集会将于本周末4月7日周日举行。自20世纪80年代初以来,该校集会一直是学校的固定举办活动项目,也是我们筹款活动的重要组成部分。我们的孩子们今天享受的许多设施都是多年来通过我们社区的慷慨捐助和努力筹集的资金所得的结果。可悲的是,今年我们还没有足够的志愿者,这使我们校集会的未来处于存亡危险状态之中。我们甚至不得不采取措施,要求邻近中学的学生加入志愿者团队,因为我们没有足够的父母或看护人来支撑我们的摊位。如果我们没有志愿者,我们就无法举办校集会。如果我们不能举办校集会,那么我们就需要找到另一种方式为这些设施筹集额外的资金 – 就这么简单。生活非常忙碌 – 在时间上我们都有相应的压力 – 但志愿参加校集会活动将会为您带来许多乐趣,并且直接支持资助学校设施,更将建立一个沟通管道,带您更接近我们的学校社区。我的最后呼唤 – 请在本周与您孩子的老师询问(或填写此表格 Link )志愿帮忙任何一小段时间。不论时间长短,每一小段时间都是帮助。






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