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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Each year the Board of Trustees is required to review the school’s Charter. The Charter is the key guiding document for the Board which sets out our mission statement, strategic aims and objectives, and directions and targets for the school over 3-5 years. We have recently engaged at the community level, and thank those who took part. This feedback has been included in this review.  However, we feel that as the participation was quite low, it does not represent the greater voice of our community.

Our Charter demonstrates how we are meeting our obligations to the Ministry of Education but at a more relevant level, sets out priorities for our school.  An annual review is carried out to ensure our priorities for our students and resources are still relevant. This is then translated into an Annual Plan which is managed by the Principal.

Below is a section of our current Charter. It shows how we have organized our priorities into three strategic areas – Teaching Practice, Student Learning, and Whānau. Each of these has a goal that we have reviewed each year based on what you, our community, have told us. So, for this review we have included a question in each of these sections for you to consider.

Please note that while these goals are overarching and have no specific measures attached to them, they are translated into more specific measures at the management level. So please feel free to describe what ‘this looks like to you’ so we can build goals that meet your needs.

Please take the time to consider these questions. This is your school and we value your feedback so we can make the right decisions for you and your child.

Please provide your comments by Friday 17 November.

Nga mihi nui

Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Chair: Lee-Ann Lucas
Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe
Jamie Galloway
Michael O’Brien
Nicki Taylor
Lou Dennis
Gowan Duff
Chris Porteous
Janine Irvine

Cornwall Park 小学 - 宪章年度回顾








Cornwall Park 小学董事会

董事会会长: Lee-Ann Lucas

Sarah Sutcliffe, Jamie Galloway, Michael O’Brien, Nicki Taylor, Lou Dennis, Gowan Duff, Chris Porteous and Janine Irvine

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