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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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The Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees held its monthly meeting on Tuesday evening 24 October. This note provides a brief update to parents, whānau and caregivers on both that meeting and any other key Board issues.

The meeting began with three separate presentations from members of staff. The first presentation was from our Sports Coordinator – Mr Paul Campbell. We were informed of the programmes that he ran for each year group and the many other interschool team sports and competitions throughout the year. Mr Campbell explained that throughout the year some terms had more pressure than others with the number of different types of sports activities that the students were involved in, particularly in summer. Mr Campbell also explained that with the changing culture of the school he was looking to introduce some different sports to ensure every student could be and wanted to be involved in physical activity. Especially as research shows that there is a clear correlation between physical activity and student wellbeing – including their confidence and enjoyment in learning. Mr Campbell was also proud to point out that CPDS is perceived as one of the stronger sporting schools within our zone – competing successfully alongside other larger primary schools and private schools. The Board were impressed with Mr Campbell’s presentation and commended him on his seemingly tireless efforts in keeping the students physical. And we were also proud of the school’s standing in the local zone.

The Board were then informed by Mrs Glenys Muir of the continuing success of the Reading Recovery programme in our school. Mrs Muir presented us with some tables and graphs to demonstrate the successes that the programme had been having in the last year. She also informed us of the monitoring of the students once they left the programme – this ensured that these students could, if needed, either be supported with other relevant programmes in the school or directed to outside agencies. The only concern that Mrs Muir had was that there were/are insufficient teaching resources to manage the load. She recommended that additional staff be trained to ensure the programme could continue successfully into the future. The Board were impressed with the presentation and the evidence provided and thanked Mrs Muir for her enthusiastic commitment to the programme – enthusiasm that obviously had results with the students.

Finally, we heard from Mrs Dev Singh on her recent trip to Siyangqi – our sister school in Ningbo, China. While in Ningbo, Mrs Singh also attended a conference and proudly presented a paper entitled ‘Towards Global Learning Communities – a Sister School Experience’. Mrs Singh praised the sister school programme and the exchange student/teacher programme that CPDS is part of as it enabled both communities to learn the culture and the language of each other. She was one of approximately 20 teachers/lecturers from around Auckland to attend the conference and the only one to present. While on the trip Mrs Singh maintained communications with the students of Room 25 through a blog via WeChat the Chinese equivalent of Facebook etc. Miss Kiri Waghorn maintained the communications from CPDS. Mrs Singh used this connection to challenge Room 25 to learn along with her and the students of our sister school. The Board were impressed with Mrs Singh’s report on her trip and the tremendous efforts she put in to bring this back to her classroom to make it relevant to her students and to the school.

The Principal then presented her monthly report. We discussed the progress towards National Standards. It is always interesting to discuss this data as there is always a number of variables that affect the data. All in all we are confident that CPDS is performing well against National Standards and that our teachers are doing a great job supporting and strengthening this.

We also noted that the numbers of people signing on to the new app for the website was still on the rise. This is great to hear as we know this is the new way to keep in touch with what is going on at school and especially the things of interest to you and your family.

The Finance and Property Committee informed us of the latest on the development of our property. All is progressing well.

The Policy Committee then briefly introduced the school’s policies and procedures that are due for review in term four. These are managed through SchoolDocs and are:
Salary Units and Allowances
Classroom Release Time/Timetable

The Board are also required to be assured of a number of other processes to ensure that the School is fulfilling its legal requirements and operating in a safe and healthy manner,  amongst other things.

The Policy Committee will be providing feedback on these policies directly to SchoolDocs before the end of the term as required.

In the meantime the Community Committee is about to embark on the review of the Charter for the school. We will be using the feedback from the recent community meeting and preparing a draft for your information soon. Watch this space.

Then we updated our Work Plan and Action register to accommodate the amendments and updates that we made during the meeting.

As always, we welcome your input and feedback on our newsletter and appreciate you taking the time to read this update.  In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable holiday break and try and get a break from the inclement Auckland weather.

Warm regards

Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Chair: Lee-Ann Lucas
Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe
Jamie Galloway
Michael O’Brien
Nicki Taylor
Lou Dennis
Gowan Duff
Chris Porteous
Janine Irvine


10月24日星期二晚上 Cornwall Park 小学举行了每月一次的董事会。这个最新简报是让所有的父母、家庭和看护人了解会议上所讨论的问题。

会议由三位员工的发言开始。第一次是由我们的运动协调员 – Paul Campbell 先生发言。他让我们了解每个年级不同的课程安排和与其他学校交流的体育比赛。Campbell 先生说,一年下来,尤其是在夏季,学生参与不同类型的体育活动,有些学生会比其他学生有更多的压力。Campbell 先生还解释说,随着学校文化的不断变化,他正在寻求一些不同的体育项目,以确保每个学生都能参与体育活动。特别是研究表明,身体活动与学生的福祉之间存在明显的相关性,包括他们对学习的信心和乐趣。Campbell 先生还自豪地指出,Cornwall Park 小学被认为是我们区域内强大的体育学校之一,更可以与其他比较大的小学和私立学校竞争。董事会对 Campbell 先生的发言非常满意,并赞扬他不懈的努力保持学生身体健康。

然后,董事会通过 Glenys Muir 夫人的发言了解到我们学校的“阅读恢复计划”持续保持成功。Muir 夫人向我们提供了一些表格和图表,以表明该计划在过去一年中取得的成果。她还向我们通报了学生离开课程后的监测情况,以确保这些学生在必要时可以得到学校其他相关课程的支持,也可以由外部机构辅导。Muir 夫人唯一担心的是没有足够的教学资源。她建议培训额外的工作人员,以确保该计划在未来能够继续保持成功。

最后,我们从 Dev Singh 夫人那里听到她最近前往中国宁波姐妹学校的经历。在宁波,Singh 夫人出席了会议,并自豪地提出题为“迈向全球学习社区-姐妹学校经历”的论文。Singh 夫人赞扬姐妹学校的课程和交换学生/教师计划,Cornwall Park 是其中一部分,因为它使两个社区能够学习彼此的文化和语言。奥克兰大约有20名教师/讲师参加了会议,但是只有她一位能提出此论文。在旅途中,Singh 夫人通过 WeChat 与25班的学生保持联系。Kiri Waghorn 小姐担任 Cornwall Park 小学的通讯员。利用这个联系来挑战25号教室的学生和我们姐妹学校的学生一起学习。董事会非要满意她的报告,对于她辛勤的工作态度,并将其与学生学习的相关性带回学校感到高兴。

校长随后提交了她的每月报告。我们讨论了国家标准的进展情况。讨论这些数据相当有趣,因为总是有一些其他因素影响数据。总而言之,我们相信 Cornwall Park 小学在国家标准方面表现良好,我们的老师也一直在努力加强这方面的工作。

我们还注意到,登录 App 网站的人数仍在增加。这是非常好的一件事,因为这是与学校发生的事情保持联系的新方式,特别是您和家人感兴趣的事情。


政策委员会随后简单介绍了一下将要在第四学期接受审查的项目。这些都是通过 SchoolDocs 进行管理:


政策委员会会在学期结束前直接向 SchoolDocs 提供这些政策的反馈意见。





Cornwall Park 小学董事会

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