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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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The Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees had its monthly meeting Tuesday evening 27th September and it is significant to note that it was our most efficient meeting to date. We suspect that it is because we didn’t have much in the way of reporting to us and that we are becoming better at meetings. This note provides a brief update to parents, whānau and caregivers on both that meeting and any other key Board issues.

As is the norm we began with the Principal’s monthly progress report against strategic and annual aims. This report is the main insight for the Board to measure how our students and the school are doing.

We were impressed to learn that increasing numbers of people are signing up to the new school app, and that we are receiving some very positive feedback on the website.

The Property Committee gave us an update on the situation with the use of our school pool over the summer holidays. As explained in our last newsletter the change in the Health and Safety Act means that we have to be careful with the management of the pool. The principal has investigated how other schools (with pools) in our Community of Learning, are managing theirs. This has been useful in providing us with some options such as installing CCTV, and insisting on every person who would like to purchase a pool key, attend a meeting on the Health and Safety Act first. There will be more on this next term.

The Property Committee also informed us that development of Rooms 8 and 10 has almost received the final Code of Compliance and that the development of the break out space under Room 27 is starting to take shape. Specifically, an architect has been engaged and the applications for the development have been sent to Council for assessment.

Through the Policy Committee we were able to sign off our Code of Conduct document and finalise the report template – for reporting to the Board.

Under the Community Committee we discussed the turnout and the feedback that we received from the recent Community Meeting and subsequent online feedback request. While it was a small representation of our school community the feedback was able to be divided into themes for future engagement on the school Charter. We will be undertaking this engagement in Term 4.

Finally, we updated our Work Plan and Action Register to accommodate the amendments and updates that we made during the meeting.

As always, we welcome your input and feedback on our newsletter and appreciate you taking the time to read this update.  In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable holiday break and try and get a break from the inclement Auckland weather.

Warm regards
Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Chair: Lee-Ann Lucas
Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe
Jamie Galloway
Michael O’Brien
Nicki Taylor
Lou Dennis
Gowan Duff
Chris Porteous
Janine Irvine



9月27日星期二晚上 Cornwall Park 小学举行了每月一次的董事会。值得注意的是,这是目前为止最有效率的会议。我们认为这是因为没有太多的报告,而且我们在会议上也表现得更好。这个最新简报是让所有的父母、家庭和看护人了解会议上所讨论的问题。


我们印象深刻的是有越来越多的人登记使用学校的 app,而且我们也在网上收到一些非常正面积极的反馈。








Cornwall Park 小学董事会


Lee-Ann Lucas, 出纳员:

Sarah Sutcliffe, Jamie Galloway, Michael O’Brien,

Nicki Taylor, Lou Dennis, Gowan Duff, Chris Porteous and Janine Irvine

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