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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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The Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees had its monthly meeting Tuesday evening 29th August and this note provides a brief update to parents, whānau and caregivers on both that meeting and any other key Board issues.

To begin, we heard from the Principal as she presented her report on monthly progress against strategic and annual aims.  As well as looking at progress towards our National Standard targets for 2017, this month we also specifically discussed how students were engaging with the school’s dispositions and how they were owning their student led conferences with their parents. We were impressed with the efforts of teachers where parents were unable to attend these conferences. Teachers are stepping in to be ‘parent’ so that the student can build their experience, and/ or the student interview is recorded so that they can show their parents later.

We were brought up to date on the Maori Success Plan and how Tikanga is being embedded into our school life.  It is great to hear that our teachers are embracing Te Reo and becoming more confident in modelling this to their students. It is also great to know that we will be having our very own Pou carved from a tree that was once growing on our school grounds. This will be located somewhere prominent on the school grounds to greet our community and our visitors to the school. We were also impressed to learn that the Pasifika Group will be reforming and that a notice was sent out to invite all families to come along to a Fono on 30th August. I hope you were able to attend and become involved in a group that supports your culture.

We then discussed a couple of matters that have come to the fore with recent changes to the Education Act. We discussed Section 139AD which enables the Board to provide written authorisation to non-teaching staff to restrain a child, should they need to. There are very tight controls on this and the Board ensures that all new staff have the necessary training for this and then all staff have refresher courses annually.

The other Education Act related matter relates to the introduction of a Cohort Entry Policy for new entrants. In essence this enables the school to open the door to children under the age of five. And then once the child starts school, they must attend every day that the school states as a school day. Before the Board can introduce such a policy, they are required to consult with a wide range of people, including the parents in our community, our staff, our early childcare educators in the area and the parents of prospective students at our school. We will keep you informed along the way.

We were then informed that through a visit from the Ministry of Education English as a Second Language (ESOL) verifier that the Ministry considers our ESOL teacher, Cynthia Peat, to be one of the most effective ESOL teachers in the country and that our ESOL team is also considered to be exceptional. This is great news. Well done team.

The Finance Committee presented the monthly financial reports – these are available for viewing in the office. We discussed the management of the school pool over the summer period. Due to the review of the Health and Safety Act it is important that the pool is used in a safe manner at all times, particularly as the school is liable (more specifically the Principal) should there be any incidents through the use of the pool. The Board agreed that the community valued access to the pool over the summer period and therefore would investigate how best to manage the pool in a safe way for all. The Principal will be looking into how other schools in our Community of Learning (COL), that still provided a pool, were dealing with the safety of the users. And will also be inquiring with the Ministry of Education about such matters.

We also discussed a minor item regarding the uniform. The detail on the hats and beanies will be kept to a minimum to ensure the final costs are not too high.

The Policy Committee discussed the latest SchoolDocs policies up for review this term – Students with Special Needs/Learning; Appointment Procedure; and Child Protection. You are invited to provide feedback on these documents through

Policies and Procedures

To gain access please use the following link

Username:   corwnwallpark

Password:    CPDS

The Community Committee provided an update on the Community Evening on Tuesday 12 September. Thank you to those who attended, but sadly those numbers were low. We would like to encourage you to take the time to provide your feedback online at – Feedback Form.

We would really appreciate your comments.

As always, we welcome your input and feedback on our newsletter and appreciate you taking the time to read this update.

Warm regards

Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Chair: Lee-Ann Lucas   

Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe
Jamie Galloway             
Michael O’Brien            

Nicki Taylor                   

Lou Dennis                    

Gowan Duff                   

Chris Porteous              
Janine Irvine                 




8月29号星期二晚上 Cornwall Park 小学举行了每月一次的董事会。这个最新简报是让所有的父母、家庭和看护人了解会议上所讨论的问题。


我们非常高兴 Tikanga 蒂坎加成功地溶入我们学校的生活。非常高兴老师们对 Te Reo 毛利文有更深地了解,并对自己成为学生们的榜样更有自信。我们将会有自己的 Pou。而且是雕刻在曾经是在学校生长的树上。我们会将作品呈现在校园某明显的位置上,供学校社区和访客观赏。我们也很开心听到 Pasifika 太平洋岛国社区小组将重组,并已经发出通知邀请所有相关背景的家庭参加 8月30号的聚会,支持您的文化团体。



然后,通过教育部的访问获悉,我们学校的(ESOL)英语为第二语言的学生的老师- Cynthia Peat,是全国最有效率的ESOL老师之一。ESOL老师团队也是表现特别出色。恭喜她们,真是好消息。

财务委员会提交了每月财务报告 – 这些都可以在办公室查看。我们讨论了夏季学校游泳池的管理问题。由于健康和安全的法案规定,游泳池一定要在安全的方式下使用。学校必须负责,(更具体的说,校长)必须负责游泳池发生的任何事情。由于夏季游泳池开放非常受欢迎,董事会将研究如何以最安全的方式来管理游泳池。校长也会进一步了解我们社区其他学校的管理模式,和处理安全问题的办法。并且向教育部询问有关事宜。


政策委员会讨论了最新的 SchoolDocs 政策。包括具有特殊需要/学习的学生、约定时间的程序和儿童保护问题。学校邀请您通过以下网站,进入 Policies and Procedures (政策和程序)提供反馈。


用户名:    cornwallpark

密码:        CPDS



Feedback Form.



Cornwall Park 小学董事会


Lee-Ann Lucas, 出纳员:

Sarah Sutcliffe, Jamie Galloway, Michael O’Brien,

Nicki Taylor, Lou Dennis, Gowan Duff, Chris Porteous and Janine Irvine











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