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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

It was great to hear that the School Cross Country was a great success last Wednesday with lots of enthusiasm and effort put in by all and I was disappointed that I was not able to be there due to another professional commitment. 

The races ranged from 500m for the Year 0-1 children through to 2000m for the Year 5-6 children. 

Thank you to all of the parents and teachers who helped out with the running of the event. We couldn’t run this day without all of your fantastic support. A big thank you also to Mr Naidu who ran with the children in lots of races and helped to make sure everyone ran safely and stayed on course, and especially Mr Campbell for organising all the races.

I would like to congratulate all children who took part both in the competitive and social races. I would particularly like to acknowledge the following winners:


Year 0 Girls                  Year 0 Boys                 Year 1 Girls                     Year 1 Boys                  Year 2 Girls                      Year 2 Boys                Year 3 Girls                      Year 3 Boys

1st –  Sienna L              1st – Ryan Y                  1st – Willa E                     1st – Sam C                  1st – Lily W                   1st – Arlo C                  1st – Neve M                  1st – Toby M

2nd – Sora G                 2nd – Manny H            2nd – Thai Xi L              2nd – Louie M.           2nd – Cobe B               2nd – Caden T            2nd – Cheverny J          2nd – Grace M-S

3rd – Kiera S                 3rd – Henry C               3rd – Thea S                   3rd – Nicholas G.        3rd –  Ela E                  3rd – Carter Z               3rd – Angela A               3rd – Ryan W


Year 4 Girls                  Year 4 Boys                 Year 5 Girls                            Year 5 Boys                      Year 6 Girls                     Year 6 Boys

1st – Jessica Z              1st – Isaac D-R            1st – Yasmina B                      1st – William B                1st – Rosy S                       1st – Jack W

2nd – Mila S                  2nd – Alan X              2nd – Zahara B                        2nd – Daniel S               2nd – Rebecca Z               2nd – Lawrence C         

3rd – Scarlett J              3rd – Finn O’S          3rd= – Lily S/ Clara M              3rd – Samuel C.             3rd – Sophie L                   3rd – Mac F



Kind regards
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