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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Kia ora whanau,

It’s exciting to see the school back to having kids in classrooms, and back to having close contact with their friends again following lockdown – how lucky we are to all live in this part of the world with a relatively COVID-free status. It’s really important to highlight that the school remains prepared and ready – and that we now have the benefit of experience – to deal with whatever might come our way.

The Board of Trustees are now back to meeting face-to-face again, and our temporary arrangement of having only Zoom meetings is now complete. Therefore, I’d like to again invite anyone who is interested in attending to join us at our public meetings – you are very welcome to attend, and we value the engagement from the community.

Safety and Behaviour

No doubt, you’ll all have seen recent emails from the school about incidents in the car park by the tennis club that have put the safety of children, caregivers and staff at risk. We’ve had incidents so severe, that they have resulted in the involvement of police, and warnings have been given. The school simply cannot condone dangerous or repeatedly reckless behaviour, and must take all steps to keep everyone safe.

Therefore, The Board and School Management have met with representatives of the Police, Campbell Park Tennis Club, and Cornwall Park Trust Board (the owners of the car park) to discuss the matter, and all parties have agreed to work together to address the issues we’re seeing. The School has now been given the authority to trespass people from the upper carpark on behalf of Cornwall Park Trust Board. This trespass notice covers the entirety of the boundaries of Cornwall Park – not just the car park – and lasts for a period of two years. This is an extreme measure we hope that we’ll never need to use, but ensuring safety is a non-negotiable for us all, and we are prepared to act if we see serious breaches and extreme behaviour.

Thank you to the significant majority of parents and caregivers who are considerate users of the car park and grounds of the school.


Thank you to everyone who has donated to the school this year – we know that this year has been more financially challenging for many people, so your contribution feels even more special this time around. Your donations fund resources and staffing to enhance the opportunities for your children at the school. If you haven’t yet donated, then please donate in any way that you are able to and any amount you feel comfortable with – through kindo is easiest. The School office can help you set up regular or part payments if needed.

Policy Review

The board discussed the current review for Term 3.  Please take some time to have a look at the policy up for review this term.

Learning Support

Board, staff, and parents

Teacher Only Days

Friday 28th August -Teachers will be looking at Digital Curriculum and SOLO.

Tuesday 27th October – Teachers will be looking at mapping the school curriculum for the future.

Chair, Board of Trustees


令人高兴的是,在封锁期过后,学校回复到了新的生活常态,孩子们回到教室上课,再次与他们的朋友保持紧密联系的状态,- 我们很幸运地生活在这个相对其他国家来说,无 COVID 的国家里。必须特别强调的是,学校随时做好防备做好准备 – 并且我们现在可以从经验中受益 – 应对可能遇到的任何问题。

董事会现在又恢复了面对面的会议,而我们对于只能召开 Zoom 会议的短暂安排现已告结束。因此,我想再次邀请有兴趣参加的任何人加入我们的公开会议 – 我们非常欢迎您参加,我们非常重视社区的参与。



因此,董事会和学校管理层与警察,还有 Cornwall Park 网球俱乐部和 Cornwall Park 信托委员会(停车场的所有者)的代表进行了会晤,以讨论此事,各方都同意共同解决该问题。现在,我们学校已被授权代表 Cornwall Park 信托委员会(Cornwall Park Trust Board)处理擅自闯入高层停车场的车辆。该侵入通知涵盖了 Cornwall Park 的整个边界,而不是仅仅是停车场而已,有效期为两年。这是一种极端的措施,我们希望我们永远都不需要使用它,但是确保安全对我们所有人来说都是不可商议的,如果我们看到严重的违规行为和极端行为,我们准备采取行动。



感谢所有今年向学校捐款的人 – 我们知道今年对许多人来说在财务上更具挑战性,所以这次的捐款感觉更加特别。您的捐款将为资源和人员配备提供资金,以增加您孩子在学校的学习机会。如果您还没有捐款,请以您能做到的任何方式捐款,任何您感到满意的金额,通过 Kindo 是最简单的方式捐款。如果需要,学校办公室可以帮助您设置定期或部分付款。



Learning Support

Board, staff, and parents


8月28日,星期五 – 这天,老师们将学习数字课程和 SOLO。

10月27日,星期二 – 教师使用的日子。老师将用来规划今后的学校学习课程。



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