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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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In 2021 Cornwall Park District School will celebrate its centenary!! What an exciting year this will be for the school and your children.  We would love to hear from any enthusiastic and passionate members of our school community who would like to be part of the planning committee for this exciting event.

We would like to extend this request to past families (caregivers and students) and staff – please pass on this message to those you think would like to be involved.  If you have a child or children who are currently in their last year or two at CPDS please still consider being involved in planning for the centenary celebrations.

This is an opportunity to actively participate in your child’s school and meet other members of the school community.  The centenary year will be an exciting year for the school and your children and there can be many ways in which we can celebrate.  

Over the next year or so we will be reaching out to our school community for assistance with marketing, advertising, sponsorship and people-power to make 2021 a successful celebration.  If you are able to help in these areas we want to hear from you.

We would like to hear from different cultures in our school community about what such a celebration looks like to you and your culture and how this can be incorporated into the school’s celebrations in 2021.

You would not have to commit to attending every meeting – perhaps come along with a friend (or friends) and take it in turns to come along to meetings.

This is a very important event for the school, any time you can spare – large or small will be greatly appreciated. 

Current Board of Trustee members Sarah Sutcliffe and Kirstin Fleming will be the main point of contact for the planning committee.  If you or anyone you know who has previous involvement in the school are interested in being part of the planning committee for this historic and exciting event please email Sarah Sutcliffe on

We would like to hold our first planning / brain storming session in August to get planning for the centenary celebrations underway.

Cornwall Park 小学就快 100 周年了!

2021年,Cornwall Park 小学将庆祝其百年纪念日!对于学校和您的孩子来说,这将是多么令人兴奋的一年。我们非常期待听到学校社区里,充满热情的成员们,能够成为这个庆祝活动的规划委员会成员。

我们希望将此讯息分享扩展到以往学生的家庭里(看护人和学生)还有所有的工作人员 – 请将此讯息传递给您认为希望参与的人们。如果您有一个或多个孩子目前在CPDS小学,或许只剩下最后一年或两年的学习时间,请您仍然考虑参与百年庆典的规划。


在接下来的一年左右的时间里,我们将与学校社区联系,寻求营销,广告,赞助和人力资源方面的帮助,使2021 年的庆祝活动顺利成功举办。如果您能够在这些方面提供帮助,我们非常希望收到您的回复。

我们想听听我们学校社区里所有不同的文化背景,了解您和您的文化对这样的庆祝活动有何影响,以及如何将其纳入学校 2021 年的庆祝活动中。

你不必参与每一次的会议 – 也许可以和朋友们一起来参加,并且轮流参加会议。

对于学校来说,这是一个非常重要的活动,无论帮忙时间的长短 – 多或少,我们都会非常感激您。

现任董事会成员 Sarah Sutcliffe 和 Kirstin Fleming 将成为规划委员会的主要联络人。如果您或您认识的任何曾经参与学校活动的人有兴趣参加这一历史性和令人兴奋的活动并成为规划委员会的一分子,请发送电子邮件至  与 Sarah Sutcliffe 联系。

我们希望在8月份举行第一次规划 / 脑力激动会议,为正在准备进行的百年庆祝活动展开序幕。


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