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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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 Kia ora whānau,

 The Board of Trustees met on Tuesday 30th of July. We had a completely full room, and it was by far the most well-attended meeting I’ve been at in some time.  Seeing more people in attendance has prompted me to remind you all that the Board meetings are open to the public, and you are very welcome to attend to observe. 

 The full minutes of the meeting will be available on the BOT website when they have been signed off, but for now I’d like to share just a couple of key points from the meeting with you:

  • As a board, we believe that continuous professional development is vitally important.  That sentiment extends to us too, so we have committed to furthering our own knowledge and improving our capability to serve as trustees. We’re already engaged in a programme of education with the NZSTA, and knowledge sharing with other boards of trustees from neighbouring schools. It’s pretty exciting for us, and we’re confident that it will help us to better serve you, the school, and the children.  
  • You’ll have read last week that in 2021 Cornwall Park District School will celebrate its centenary!! This will be a really exciting year for the school and your children.  We would love to hear from any enthusiastic and passionate members of our school community who would like to be part of the planning committee for this exciting event. This is a very important event for the school, any time you can spare – large or small will be greatly appreciated. Current Board of Trustee members Sarah Sutcliffe and Kirstin Fleming will be the main points of contact for the planning committee.  If you or anyone you know who has previous involvement in the school are interested in being part of the planning committee for this historic and exciting event please email Sarah Sutcliffe on
  • We’ve begun serious discussions about the ongoing viability of the school fair in its current format. Despite it being a big part of the community and a valuable source of income for the school, we simply didn’t have enough support or volunteers from the community to help plan, organise and run the fair earlier this year. The fair simply cannot continue to be run in its current format, so things will need to change. We’re committed to exploring all ideas the community might have about how we might rethink the school fair, and will be continuing our discussions in the next board meeting. If you are passionate about the fair and want to help us to keep it running, then please get in contact with us to help us to create something that is more sustainable, potentially less-reliant on volunteer help to run, but still a must-attend fixture on the annual calendar. We need to act now, before it’s too late. 
  • We discussed the composition of the current board of trustees, and agreed that we would like to open up for expressions of interest in becoming a trustee of the school from members of our Chinese community.  We don’t feel that the current composition of the board adequately represents our important and valued Chinese community, and we’d like to rectify that. We will be running a selection process, which is likely to include an interview with two or three current members of the board. If you have an interest in putting your name in contention, then please email me directly before Friday 23rd August. 
  • We were presented with the School’s property vision for the next few years. It’s massively exciting to see what developments are planned to enhance our school facilities and grounds, and I can’t wait for this to be finalised and shared with the community – watch this space. 
  • We completed our election of officeholders:

Board Chair Nick Mackeson-Smith

Deputy Chair Andrew Bason

Treasurer Sarah Sutcliffe


Finance/Property Sarah Sutcliffe, Anne Patel, Janine Irvine, Gowan Duff,

Shanthan Naidu, Shane Moser

Health and Safety Sanjeev Deva, Janine Irvine

Personnel Nick Mackeson-Smith, Janine Irvine, Kirstin Fleming, Anne Patel

Community Kirstin Fleming, Janine Irvine

Policy Andrew Bason, Janine Irvine

Family and Friends Sarah Sutcliffe, Janine Irvine

Fair Board representative to attend, Janine Irvine

Student Discipline Nick Mackeson-Smith / Janine Irvine

Centenary / Reunion Sarah Sutcliffe, Kirstin Fleming, Janine Irvine


If you’d like to learn more about the work of the board of trustees, then please do get in touch with any member of the team. We’re super happy to help, and are always interested in your feedback in relation to the strategic direction and our governance of the school. 


Ka kite ano
Chair, Board of Trustees 






  • 作为董事会的成员,我们相信持续的专业指导至关重要。这种成果也会延伸到我们,因此我们致力于进一步加强自己的知识,提高我们作为受托人的能力。我们已经参与了 NZSTA 的教育计划,并与邻近其他学校的董事会分享知识。这对我们来说相当令人兴奋,我们相信它会帮助我们,对您,对学校和对孩子们提供更好地服务。
  • 您上周读到,Cornwall Park 小学将在 2021 年庆祝它的百年纪念!对于学校和您的孩子来说,这将是一个非常兴奋的一年。我们非常期待听到学校社区里,充满热情的成员们,能够成为这个庆祝活动的规划委员会成员。对于学校来说,这是一个非常重要的活动,无论帮忙时间的长短 – 多或少,我们都会非常感激您。现任董事会成员 Sarah Sutcliffe 和 Kirstin Fleming 将成为规划委员会的主要联络人。如果您或您认识的任何曾经参与学校活动的人有兴趣参加这一历史性和令人兴奋的活动并成为规划委员会的一分子,请发送电子邮件至  与 Sarah Sutcliffe 联系。
  • 我们已开始认真讨论学校校集会目前的形式。尽管它是社区的重要组成部分,也是学校宝贵收入的来源,但我们根本没有得到社区的足够支持也没有足够的志愿者来帮忙组织和管理今年早些时候的校集会。该校集会根本无法继续以其目前的方式运行,因此需要改变。我们非常努力探索社区里任何关于如何重新规划学校校集会的所有想法,并将在下一次董事会会议上继续我们的讨论。如果您对校集会充满热情并且希望帮助我们保持这个活动,那么请与我们联系,帮助我们创造更具可持续性的方式,可以减少依赖志愿者的帮助来运行,但是自愿者仍然是必须的 – 必须参加年度计划表上的会议。我们现在需要马上采取行动,不然的话会来不及。
  • 我们讨论了现任董事会的组成成员,,并且同意增加名额给有兴趣成为我们华人社区的学校受托人。我们并不认为董事会目前的组织成员能够充分代表我们重要而有价值的华人社区,我们想尽力改变这一点。我们将进行一个咨询,包括对两名或三名现任董事会成员的建议。如果您有兴趣将自己的名字放入侯选人名単里,请在8月23日星期五之前直接发电子邮件给我。
  • 我们在接下来的几年里将会逐渐完成学校的房产愿景。我可以看得到有哪些发展计划可以改善我们的学校设施和场地,我感到非常兴奋,我等不及分享给学校社区 – 请密切留意。
  • 我们完成了对公职人员的选举  

           董事会主席 Nick Mackeson-Smith

董事会副主席 Andrew Bason

财务主管               Sarah Sutcliffe


金融与物业 Sarah Sutcliffe, Anne Patel, Janine Irvine, Gowan Duff,

Shanthan Naidu, Shane Moser

建康与安全                Sanjeev Deva, Janine Irvine

个人隐私               Nick Mackeson-Smith, Janine Irvine, Kirstin Fleming, Anne Patel

社区委员               Kirstin Fleming, Janine Irvine

政策委员 Andrew Bason, Janine Irvine

家长会                             Sarah Sutcliffe, Janine Irvine

校集会 Board representative to attend, Janine Irvine

学生管理                             Nick Mackeson-Smith / Janine Irvine

百年庆祝活动               Sarah Sutcliffe, Kirstin Fleming, Janine Irvine





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