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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.


Last night, I went to see our Year 5 Choir perform at the ‘Kids for Kids’ Show held at the ‘Vodafone Events Centre’ at Manukau.  Our choir was part of a mass choir of approximately 300 children and they did us proud.  The show was fill of energy and the children did a great job of learning all the actions to so many songs.  I want to especially congratulate Violet T (Room 10) who got through three rounds of auditions at the practice prior to the show, to be selected as one of the soloists.  I was so impressed with the confidence and poise she showed throughout her performance, in front of such a huge audience.  Violet is another example of being a self-managing learner, showing you can succeed through having a great attitude and putting in the hard work.  I know she never misses choir practice and practices her singing regularly.  We also saw Josh R (Room 27) up on the stage, dancing and singing in the finale.  Way to go Josh!.  I know all our parents would have been very proud of all the children who represented us so well last night.  A final thank you to Francine Werry, for all her hard work preparing this choir for this event.


It sure is a busy time of year, with the Year 6 Choir and Ensemble Group playing at the Town Hall tonight.  I will write tomorrow about their performance.


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