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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

I was honoured to be invited to Rm 27 yesterday, so the children could share their learning with me.  They have been designing these colourful 1970 Robots as part of their decade inquiry work (related to our centenary year).  As I walked into the room I was impressed with the quality of their pieces and even more impressed when they were able to talk to me about the robots they had created and the learning that was happening while doing so.  They have been asking questions, problem solving and collaborating.  Thay have also been completing a number of pieces of writing related to their specific robot, as well as completing some SOLO Maps.  What a busy class!!

The pride they had in their work was clear to see and I was very proud of all of them.   Below are just a few of their creations.



Well done Ms Eadie and your wonderful Rm 27 children.

Kind regards
Mrs Irvine
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