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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Greetings to you all. I am Anju Budhiraja, extending warm regards to my extended family. I hail from India, where I was born and raised. As a mother of two children, I deeply understand and appreciate the unique learning styles that each child possesses. It is this understanding that led me to pursue a career in teaching, as I firmly believe that being surrounded by children throughout the day brings immense joy to one’s life.
I embrace cultural diversity and believe in the idea of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (In Hindu philosophy it means that the whole world is one family). Having had the privilege of teaching in diverse educational settings in both India and New Zealand, I bring a wealth of experience to create a positive and inclusive environment within the kura. My aim is to support and foster the learning and development of our tamariki.

I firmly believe that children, regardless of their age, are the leaders of their own learning journey. As an educator, my role is to provide guidance, support, and opportunities for their thinking to flourish and expand. I recognize that our environment and relationships are pivotal in building secure, respectful, and trusting partnerships with both tamariki and whānau. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you all and collaborate with your tamariki, as we embark on this journey of growth and learning together.

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