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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Now we are back into the flow of school, I would like to remind everyone about pick up and drop off.  The school tries hard to maintain positive relationships with our neighbours and the one thing I hear more complaints about from them than anything else, is the behaviour of some of our parents at drop off and pick up times. 

Firstly,  I would like to thank those of you who do the right thing by being patient or are willing to do your bit to ease our congestion problems i.e those who may park a little further away and walk, or utilise our walking school buses.

I would now like to remind some that as adults we are role models to all our CPDS children when we are around the school grounds and especially when you are with children in our school uniform.  It is not OK to be rude and aggressive to other parents and/ or our neighbours when you are dropping off or collecting your children. It is not OK to park over, or in driveways, preventing our neighbours access to or from their properties. 

I understand drop offs and pick ups are not an easy time around schools and our school is no different from others around Auckland and New Zealand. That is why there is a common phrase ‘Chaos at the school gate’ applied to schools specifically.  I know we are proud of our school’s reputation and we do want to maintain it. To do that all of us have a part to play; we just need to choose whether our contribution will be positive or not. 

Some ways you can help moving forward:

If you use the top car park by the tennis courts you need to factor in a wait time especially when it is wet. 

Consider parking away from the school and walking in / or get your children to meet you at a predetermined spot each afternoon away from the school

Join a walking school bus.  Information on this is at the office

Only park in legal parking spots and obey the NZ road rules e.g not parking on yellow lines. (N.B The council and police do random monitoring and issue tickets)

Consider how your actions may be impacting on others 

Be good role models to our children.  How they see adults deal with difficult situations, may influence how they may react in similar situations now and in the future

Let’s work together to make this better for all !

 Kind regards






我现在想提醒一些人,作为成年人,当我们在学校周围时,尤其是当您与您的孩子一起,并且穿着校服时,我们是所有 CPDS 儿童的榜样。当您上下车或是接送孩子时,对其他父母和 / 或我们的邻居说话不客气,不尊重是不行的。不能将车停在邻居们的出入口或车道上,防碍我们的邻居进入或离开他们的住宅。

我知道在学校附近接送不是件容易的事,我们的学校与奥克兰和新西兰的其他学校没有什么不同。这就是为什么会有一个通用短语 “ 学校门口的混乱 ” 专门使用于学校的原因。我知道我们为学校的声誉感到自豪,并且确切希望保持良好的声誉。为此,我们所有的人都应该发挥良好的作用;对此,我们只需要选择我们的行为是否为正确的即可。



考虑将车停在远一点的地方然后走过来学校 / 或者每天晚上约好,让您的孩子在预定的地点与您见面。


只能在合法的停车位停车并遵守NZ道路规则,例如,不要在黄线上停车。 ( 请注意,交通人员和警察会进行随机监控并开出罚单 )








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