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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I was very concerned to hear about and also to witness myself some dangerous behaviour in our pickup area, by the tennis courts yesterday afternoon.  We need to ALL remember that as adults we are responsible to set a good example to our children.  Aggressive behaviour and dangerous driving is never acceptable. 

We have staff on duty every afternoon to help keep your children safe and they and/ or other parents do not deserve to be sworn at or confronted by aggressive behaviour.  If you are asked to move it is to keep all safe and even though others actions can at times be frustrating we need to remain calm and patient.  

Please also note any aggressive behaviour and or dangerous driving e.g. speeding will be reported immediately to the police in the future.  

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank those of you who regularly do the right thing. We appreciate your support and commitment to keeping all safe.

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