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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Kia ora

If you have been into our school over the past couple of days you may have seen that we have been having some work done to our pedestrian gates. 

As we are so close to a main road, we believe it is essential to ensure the safety of all our children. As it is important to be able to secure our gates between 9.00am and 2.50pm,  we are currently connecting some video intercoms onto two of our main gates.  We are hoping these will be activated and working from tomorrow. 



For people entering our school between the above hours, you will find a push button on the outside of the gate to push in order to enter the school.

(Please be mindful of doing this, if there is child in close proximity to the gate). Please ensure the gate is closed behind you when entering.

We ask you, then to proceed to the school office as per our normal visitor procedures.








On exit, you will be required to push the video intercom button and the school office will remotely open the gate for you.  Please ensure the gate is closed behind you when leaving.






Please be assured the gates can be operated by the office, if at anytime we need to lock down our school or open gates for evacuation.  

There is no intention to lock these gates outside school hours.

Finally; please note the third gate by Room 12 will be locked during school hours.

Thank you for assisting us in keeping our children safe.

Kind regards
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