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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

On Friday, I was lucky enough to accompany 7 of our Y5 and 6 boys (Miqi, Oscar Q, Toby, Yogya ,Oscar G, Otis and Zanlin) to Christchurch, where they competed in the Chesspower Nationals against a large number of other schools.   For someone who knows little about chess, I didn’t know what to expect, and I have to admit that was suprised with how brilliant the day was, in spite of the early start and late return.

The boys took part in 9 rounds and after each one the excitement and disappointment was palpable regardless of the individual outcomes.  I was extremely impressed with the boys resilience and sportmenship shown towards their opponents during the day.

After 7 hours of competition, I am pleased to announce that our boys were placed 4th, and in addition to this outstanding result, Oscar Q Y6, was also undefeated and was placed first individually for the tournament.

I would like to thank the parents for their support and also give a special thank you to Colleen Morrow, who facilitated this opportunity through her strong support of the chess club in our school. It was a great experience for all involved.

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