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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Kia ora.

I hope that you’ve all managed to enjoy a really great long weekend. We took the opportunity to buy some new winter school shoes – will the kids ever stop growing?!

The meeting on 28th May marked the last official meeting of the current Board of Trustees of Cornwall Park District School. I’d like to take a moment to recognise the contribution of all of the members of the board who have given so much of their time, skills and energy to the school throughout their time in office. It’s been a pleasure serving with them, and I’m really encouraged to see the majority of them standing for re-election in this week’s parent trustee elections.

Voting papers for this week’s election arrived at our house on Thursday last week, and I really enjoyed reading the statements from all of the candidates over the weekend. It’s marvellous to have so much interest from the community wanting to get involved in the governance of our school. I was fortunate enough to meet with a number of the candidates over the last few weeks, and everyone I met had a level of enthusiasm and drive that can only benefit the school.  When you receive your voting papers, please do take a moment to vote. Your vote will make a difference to the future direction of the school.

There are a number of other important matters we discussed at the meeting:

  • We expressed our support for the teachers in advance of their impending strike action. The teachers are looking for better working conditions to support better education and better futures for our children. The board would like to thank the school community for their patience, understanding, and support of the strike – we know it can be challenging balancing unexpected childcare with other commitments.
  • We’ve had a number of problems in the upper car park by the tennis club:
    • A teacher was unfortunately struck by a car and was badly bruised. We were lucky that the accident wasn’t more serious. I know that the car parks are especially busy during pick up time, so please do take extra care when collecting children.
    • It is extremely dangerous to turn right when leaving the upper car park. Please do not put yourselves or others’ lives in danger by attempting this turn. The junction is clearly marked no right turn. Please be safe.
  • Our annual accounts for the school have been approved and will become publicly available in due course
  • There will be a survey going out to the school community about our Health Curriculum in the coming weeks. Please look out for it, and take a moment to respond if you can
  • We had a visit from the Ministry of Education’s property facilitator on 17th May. She commented that the school and its environment “was one of the best she had seen”. A huge thank you to everyone for taking great care of the school facilities.

Good luck to all who are standing in the upcoming elections. It’s been a pleasure serving as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Thanks for all of your support.

Ka kite



亲爱的家长们您们好,希望您们都度过了一个非常棒的长周末。我们借由这个长假期间买了新的冬季学校鞋 – 不知道孩子们什么时候会停止成长?!

5月28日的会议代表着 Cornwall Park 小学现任董事会的最后一次正式会议。我想花一点时间来表彰董事会所有成员在整个上任期间为学校付出许多时间,技能和精力的贡献。很高兴与他们一起服务,也希望看到他们大多数人在本周的家长受托人选举中再次当选。



我们在举行教师罢工行动之前表达了对教师的支持。老师们正在寻找更好的工作条件,以支持更好的教育和更好的孩子未来。董事会要感谢学校社区对罢工的耐心,理解和支持 – 我们知道,安排托儿服务与其他工作相平衡可能具有挑战性。






5月17日教育部的财产协调员来学校进行访问。她评论说我们学校及其环境 “是她见过的最好的学校之一”。非常感谢大家平时努力维护学校的设施。


Ka Kite


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