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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Tēnā koutou katoa,

By way of introduction, my name is Nick, I’m a parent of two children at Cornwall Park District School, and it is my great honour to write to you all for the first time as Chair of the Board of Trustees. It’s an absolute privilege to serve the school and you all in the community, in ensuring that Cornwall Park District School will always strive to be better than before.

The board most recently met on Tuesday 26th February, and had a packed agenda. Minutes of the meeting (and all previous and future meetings) are posted on the Board of Trustees section of the CPDS website.  If you feel passionate about any of the things we discussed or would like further information, then please do drop us an email, or better still – join us at an upcoming meeting.  Board meetings are open to members of the public to attend, and we welcome feedback or ideas on how to take the school forward.

We discussed a lot in the two and a half hours we met, so to save you from trawling through the minutes, here’s a quick summary of my personal top 5 takeaways:

  1. Annual election of the chair and officers (Full detail below)
  2. The Strategic Plan for the direction of the school for 2019-21 was signed off.  Thank you to all of you who provided us with feedback. We’ll now work closely with the school management team to put this plan into action.
  3. Our Principal presented a range of reports and proposals, which were accepted by the board – we discussed Student Achievement for 2018 relative to targets, the Annual Plan for 2019, our School Charter for 2019, a report of Staff Wellbeing, and a Review of Term 1 2019.
  4. We expressed our interest in a revitalisation of the school hall as being a major recipient of your generosity and the proceeds from this year’s upcoming school fair. We’re interested in your feedback on this proposal.  Fair proceeds are a critical part in helping us to provide modern, safe and functional facilities for the school community. Please do take the time to support the Fair Committee in any way that you can – phone calls, making fudge, donations, help on the day, sorting boxes, donations. Whatever you can do – no matter how big or how small – your help is appreciated and makes all the difference.
  5. We discussed and celebrated the completion of the Community Garden, which I had the pleasure of formally opening on Friday afternoon. If you haven’t seen this wonderful space, please do take a moment to head down to the school field when you next get a moment. It’s brilliant. Thank you again to everyone who has been involved in the inception, design, planning, build, and opening of this place that is sure to capture the imagination of the children. This community garden is yet another example of great collaboration between the board, staff, management, the community, and also in how your support of the school fair helps us to further improve the school.

Annual election of the chair and officers

As part of our usual annual calendar of events, the board conducted our annual election of the chair and officers.  The nominations were made and approved as follows:

  • Board Chair: Nick Mackeson-Smith
  • Deputy Chair: Jamie Galloway
  • Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe

Additionally, representatives for committees were also agreed as follows:

  • Finance and Property – Jamie Galloway, Gowan Duff, Sarah Sutcliffe
  • Personnel Committee – Nick Mackeson-Smith, Jamie Galloway, Nicola Taylor
  • Community – Gowan Duff, Nick Mackeson-Smith, Sanjeev Deva, Shanthan Naidu
  • Policy Committee – Nicola Taylor, Shanthan Naidu
  • Family and Friends – Sarah Sutcliffe
  • Fair Committee – Nick Mackeson-Smith
  • Student Discipline Committee (as required) Gowan Duff, Nicola Taylor, Jamie Galloway
  • Janine Irvine sits on all committees as Principal

Following the election of officers and committee representatives, I’d very much like to thank all of the members of the board for their continued dedication and support of the school, and in particular would like to thank Jamie Galloway for his tireless efforts in his previous role as Chair of the Board.  Many of you will know Jamie well, and will know that he’s a passionate and well-respected member of the school community. I’m delighted that Jamie will remain heavily involved in board matters, and will continue to serve as Deputy Chair.

The next general election for the board of trustees is scheduled for this coming May.  Now is a good time to get thinking about if serving as a member of the board of trustees could be right for you. Feel free to reach out to me, or any of the other board members to understand what’s involved in serving.

Cornwall Park District School Board of TrusteesKia pai tō koutou rā,

Chair: Nick Mackeson-Smith –
Deputy Chair: Jamie Galloway –
Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe –
Nicola Taylor –
Gowan Duff –
Sanjeev Deva –
Janine Irvine – Principal –
Shanthan Naidu – Staff Delegate –





介绍一下我自己,我的名字是 Nick,我是 Cornwall Park 小学两个孩子的父母,我很荣幸以董事会主席的身份发出第一次讯息给大家。 非常荣幸能够为学校和社区所有人提供服务,确保 Cornwall Park 小学始终比以往更加努力。

董事会最近于2月26日星期二开会,并且议程紧凑。 会议纪要(以及所有以前和未来的会议)都会在 CPDS 网站的董事会部分公布。。 如果您对我们讨论过的任何事情充满热情或想要了解更多信息,那么请给我们发一封电子邮件,更好的是 – 参与我们下一次的会议讨论。董事会会议是向公众开放的,我们欢迎任何有关如何促进学校发展的反馈或想法。


  1. 年度主席和董事会会员选举(详情如下)
  2. 2019  – 21年学校方向战略计划已经签署。感谢向我们提供意见和反馈的所有人。我们现在将与学校管理团队密切合作,将这一计划付诸实施。
  3. 我们的校长提交了一系列的报告和建议给董事会 – 我们讨论了2018年相对于目标的实际成就,2019年年度计划,2019年学校章程,员工身心健康报告以及 2019年第1学期的审查报告。
  4. 我们表示有兴趣振兴学校礼堂,所以今年即将举行的校集会的收益,将用于维修改造和装修我们的学校礼堂,这是大家对此提案的反馈和意见。校集会是帮助我们为学校社区提供现代,安全和实用设施的重要资金来源。请花时间以任何方式支持校集会 – 打电话,制作软糖,捐赠物品,当天的帮助,捐赠物品分类,捐款。无论您能做什么 – 无论多大或多小 – 感谢您的任何帮助,使得校集会更加完善。
  5. 我们讨论并庆祝社区花园的完工,我非常荣幸能够在周五下午参与开放仪式。如果您还没有看到这个美妙的花园,那么下次来到学校,请花一点时间前往花园观看。真的棒极了。再次感谢所有参与这个活动的全过程的人,从开始,设计,规划,建设和开放。这个地方肯定能够捕捉到孩子们的想象力。这个社区花园是董事会,员工,管理层,社区之间以及您对学校校集会的支持。也是用以帮助我们进一步改善学校的另一个成功例子。



董事会主席:Nick Mackeson-Smith

副主席:Jamie Galloway

财务主管:Sarah Sutcliffe


人事委员会 –  Nick Mackeson-Smith,Jamie Galloway,Nicola Taylor
社区委员会 –  Gowan Duff,Nick Mackeson-Smith,Sanjeev Deva,Shanthan Naidu
政策委员会 –  Nicola Taylor,Shanthan Naidu
家人和朋友委员会 –  Sarah Sutcliffe
校集会委员会 –  Nick Mackeson-Smith
学生纪律委员会(需要)Gowan Duff,Nicola Taylor,Jamie Galloway

Janine Irvine 身为校长必须担任所有委员会成员

在选举委员会和委员会代表之后,我非常感谢董事会所有成员对学校的不懈奉献和支持,特别要感谢 Jamie Galloway ,他之前担任董事会主席所做的所有努力。你们当中有许多人都对 Jamie 很熟悉,并且知道他是学校社区中一位充满激情且备受尊重的成员。我很高兴Jamie 将继续参与董事会事务,并将继续担任副主席。





Cornwall Park 小学董事会

董事会主席:Nick Mackeson-Smith  –

董事会副主席:Jamie Galloway  –

财务主管:Sarah Sutcliffe  –

Nicola Taylor  –
Gowan Duff  –
Sanjeev Deva  –
Janine Irvine  – 校长 –
Shanthan Naidu  – 学校工作人员代表 –




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