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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

I would like to thank Harry S, for the very generous donation he and his parents have made to the school of $500, as a parting gift before he leaves for Intermediate.  I spoke to Harry about how he would like to see the money spent and he has shared that he would like $300 to go to the ‘Table Tennis’ Table project (see below) and the remaining $200 to purchase art supplies for the school.

Thank you so much Harry!!






The ‘House Leaders’ have all been involved this year, collecting student voice and seeing how they could make student ideas into reality.  The house leaders of  ‘Aroha’, Charlie P, Maneet K, Joe M and Hunter B collected some student voice about activities at lunchtime and came up with a proposal to install a concrete table tennis, with the idea of children being able to be involved in competitions etc as well as free play. The leaders researched options and costs and then Hunter and Charlie presented their proposal to the Board of Trustees Finance Committee and gained approval.  The money donated from Harry will assist this project.  The next step is for teachers to decide the best place to install this.  Once done, we will invite the leaders back to unveil the table, and have the first game.

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