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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Tena koutou katoa

The Board met on Tuesday 31st of July to receive the Principal’s monthly report on the achievement of students and the pedagogical practices of staff.

The Board welcomed Carmen Burns as acting staff representative. She assumes the role while the existing staff representative, Shanthan Naidu, performs the acting principal role at CPDS.

Of particular interest in the July meeting was the upcoming Teachers’ and Principals’ strike, now confirmed to be held on Wednesday 15th August. The school will be closed for the day. Communications about the closure were distributed via the school app and are available on the school website. Reminders from school management will be sent out the week of the strike. Note that Andy’s After School Care is available for parents looking for childcare support on the day of the strike.

Resignations from Lee Ann Lucas and Michael O’Brien were accepted and their contributions to the school acknowledged. The board unanimously voted to elect Jamie Galloway as the next chair of the board.  The Board is looking to co-opt another parent trustee onto the board. To express your interest in this role, please email

Upcoming enrolment numbers were discussed with the Board approving an out of zone ballot for 2019 enrolments.

The BOT staff development scholarship was awarded to Mr Collins who will visit our sister school in Ningbo, China later in the term.

School donations continue to be gratefully received as they provide valuable funding to bolster investment into specialist resources and school facilities.

Auckland Council will be pruning the large Pohutukawa tree on the Green Lane West border. The Council has issued the appropriate consents and their approved arborist will undertake the work on the 24-25 August. The trimming is required to ensure the safety of all public using the footpath along Green Lane West.

As always, we welcome your input and feedback.

Warm regards

Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Chair: Jamie Galloway –
Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe –
Nicki Taylor –
Gowan Duff –
Carmen Burns (Acting staff delegate) –
Shanthan Naidu (Acting Principal) –

董事会通讯 –  2018年7月



董事会欢迎 Carmen Burns 担任代理职员代表。她暂时替代 Shanthan Naidu 担任该职务,而原本的职员代表 Shanthan Naidu 在 Cornwall Park 小学担任代理校长职务。

7月会议特别令人感兴趣的是即将举行的教师和校长罢工,现已确认将于8月15日星期三举行。学校将在当天关闭。关于关闭的通讯是通过学校 app 发布出去的,也可以在学校网站上找到。学校管理层将在罢工的那一周再发出提醒。请注意,在罢工当天,寻求儿童看护的父母可以使用 Andy’s 的课余托管服务。

董事会接受 Lee Ann Lucas 和 Michael O’Brien 的辞职,他们对学校的贡献获得认可。董事会一致投票选举 Jamie Galloway 为董事会的下一任主席。董事会正在考虑增加另一位家长受托人并纳入董事会。如果您对此席位感兴趣,请发送电子邮件至。

董事会投票讨论并且批准 2019 年即将到来的学区外入学人数。

董事会的员工研习奖学金颁发给 Collins 先生,他将在这个学期结束前后访问我们在中国宁波的姐妹学校。


奥克兰市议会将修剪 Green Lane West 马路边的大型 Pohutukawa 树。董事会已发出同意书,他们的树艺师将于8月24日至25日进行修剪工作。修剪是为了确保所有公众使用 Green Lane West 的人行道的安全。



Cornwall Park 小学董事会

董事会主席:Jamie Galloway  –
财务主管:Sarah Sutcliffe  –
Nicki Taylor  –
Gowan Duff  –
Carmen Burns(代理职员代表) –
Shanthan Naidu(代理校长) –

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