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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Last night, we heard the news we did not want to hear, however, we do do the best we can to ensure learning continues uninterrupted over the next 5 days of school.  An alert will come out each morning over the next week at 7.30am for parents to complete attendance on HERO before 10am to show whether you child(ren) are working online that day or not.

Apart from attendance, teachers will be following the same routine as we followed last time we were in lockdown.  I have included this below as a reminder for those of you who shared lockdown with us last time, as well for our new parents.

Class work

We are aware that this is a stressful time for families and teachers understand that children will be receiving different levels of support at home. We ask you to just do what you can!

Our teachers will be posting work in the same way they did a couple of weeks ago. To be consistent, all teachers have used the same coding in their timetables for each day.  Any activity with an asterix * is what we term as a ‘Must Do’ as it relates to one of the three core subjects.  The teachers have also provided a number of possible acitivites childen can then work on if you wish. These are the ‘Can Do’ activities.

Families do not have to complete work in any particular order as it may work better for some families when all children are doing the same activities at the same time, while for others we understand that it may work better for some children to be doing creative / can do, activities while a parent is helping another child with one of the ‘Must Do’ activities. Whatever works for your family works for us. Just do your best and we understand there may be times you are unable to complete all of the ‘Must Do’ activities.  Please let us know if you are struggling to get these ‘Must Do’ activities completed, as we can work with you to ensure success for your family.

Teachers will be online i.e contactable by email or google classrooms between 9 and 11am and then from 2.30-4pm.  Any emails received outside those times will be replied to when the teacher is next on line. Please appreciate that we also have a number of teachers, who will be also need to be available for their their own children each day, as their own children complete online learning set by their teachers.

NB: Some teachers may choose to contact their children at set time via a zoom session, however, we have not made this an expectation for every teacher.  Invitations will be sent out to parents for any zoom session and not directly to the children.  Please note it will be up to individual teachers to decide, if they will hold any zoom sessions this week.


Teachers will be focusing on marking and providing feedback on ‘Must Do’ activities. This is not to say other work won’t be commented on, however, the priority for all is on the three core subjects. Any further activities you want your children to do above what the teachers have provided each day will need to be sourced and marked by you.

Leadership Team

Throughout this time the leadership team will also be contactable via email, if you need to reach us during this time:





This schedule below is one we previously published and this is the one that all teachers have modelled their daily timetables on. 

Daily Schedule: 

*Adapted from a resource developed by Jessica McHale Photography

Kind regards
Kia Kaha
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