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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

There has been a long standing tradition at CPDS where children who are leaving our school, get their yellow t-shirt/ or occasionally a dress, signed by their peers and teachers on the last day of school (tomorrow). I am aware that some families do not feel comfortable doing this for a variety of reasons, therefore, children should have your permission to do so, before they undertake this signing ritual. 

Many families pick an older uniform that has seen better days, thus allowing newer items to be used for younger family members or they can be generously donated to the school tomorrow for our 2nd hand uniform shop.  If you do not want your leaving child to sign any clothes, please ensure they are aware of this.  Children can collect signatures on paper as an alternative. 

Child(ren) who are not in Year 6 who will not be returning next year, must give a note signed by a parent, to their teacher, before beginning to sign their uniforms. 

If your children will be taking part, please supply a suitable sharpie/ marker for their use.

Kind regards
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