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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Hopefully, most of you have had an opportunity to go online and see your child(ren)’s reports on HERO today.  The report today focuses on the academic areas of Reading, Writing and Maths along with PE and an ESOL update for those students attending English Language Learning sessions.

While this is a starting point, as we progress with this platform, we will be adding other dimensions such as attitude to learning and dispositions. I am sure your upcoming zoom session with the teacher will include a conversation on effort and attitude that will provide a holistic picture of your child at school.

Moving forward, you will also be able to track progress and see evidence attached to the set goals, which we believe will provide a better insight into your child(ren)’s learning journey in real time rather than the traditional summative paper report.

Kind regards
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