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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

We will be practicing this procedure sometime in the next couple of weeks.  We do not want to provide the exact day as it is important that children react by habit when the alarms sounds at any given time, rather than waiting for them to start.  It is important also that every practice is treated as a real event, as complacency can creep in when people feel it is merely a practice. It is also important that we can see the different way children react naturally to ensure that our procedures respond effectively to cover any variables that may crop up.  The teachers will ensure children are reassured throughout, in the same way they would if we were faced with a real event, and after the practice we will let you know, so you can talk to your children about it at home.

我们将在接下来的几周内实施此项演习。 我们不想提供确切的日期,因为当警报在任何给定时间发出时,孩子们会通过习惯做出反应,而不是等待着他们发生。 重要的是,每个练习都被视为一个真实的事件,因为当人们认为这只是一种练习时,無所谓的情绪就会蔓延开来。 另外重要的一点是,我们可以看到孩子们不同的自然反应,用以确保我们的程序有效地应对任何可能出现的变数。 教职员工将确保孩子们在整个过程中得到安抚,就像我们面对真实事件时一样,在练习之后我们会通知您,所以回家后您可以在家里与您的孩子谈论这件事情。

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