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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Fair Frenzy


Lines of people snaked through the field to enjoy a thrilling ride.

Slushies melted rapidly under the scorching sun, leaving liquid sweetness behind.

Sausages leaped on flaming hot grills like writhing worms.

Loudspeakers boomed as the auction caller yelled into the microphone.

Children squealed as freezing water from the dunking machine engulfed them.

Sickeningly sweet candy floss melted in the mouths of ecstatic children.

Children drowned their fries in ketchup and savoured their crispy, salty flavour.

The band blasted stunned crowds with loud rock music.

Choirs sang enthusiastically in perfect harmony.

Children gulped soft drinks down their parched throats.

A day to remember!


Yogya Mehra Year 6

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