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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.


I would like to thank each and every one of the 268 parents who have already signed up to help us with our fair next weekend.  However, when you consider that we have potentially at least one thousand parents who could be helping, I am sure we can boost that number.  All you have to do is go to …….

Click on Make a booking and enter the code     ym642

We want all families to be able to spend time enjoying our fair, as well as helping at it.  If you have not signed up yet, please consider signing up for at least one hour over the weekend, so this can happen for all.

  • We specifically need 15 more people to help with general set up work, (putting up gazebos etc), i.e. not related to specific stalls on Saturday from 9-3pm (or part of)

We are also in desperate need of people to help tidy up between 3pm and 4pm on Sunday, so please consider this an an option.  This includes pulling down gazegos and racking system in the hall.


  • We need 2 people who help with light physical work setting up the rack system in the hall on Thursday night from 6.30pm (approximately 90 mins work). Please email me directly if you can help with this specific task.  
Thanks in advance


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