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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We appreciate the length of this piece, however, please read all of the following important message:

It is of the utmost importance, that our school playground is a safe and an inclusive place for all our children to be in each and every day, and we are pleased that for the vast majority of our children it is. However, recently we are very concerned with an increasing number of behaviours we are currently dealing with, that do not reflect our expected standard of behaviour, or our school values.  Some of these behaviours include but are not limited to swearing, racial slurs, toilet language, as well as incidents that end up being physical in nature. These tend to involve older children i.e. Y5 and Y6, however, not always.

We are determined to change this negative culture that we see bubbling up, back into a supportive culture where all children feel included, and accepted for who they are.  Therefore, all teachers will be focusing on actively promoting well-being this year, to help provide successful strategies, so all children can make good choices during breaks knowing that the adults in the school will actively support them to do so.

The school will also be introducing a new system, so we can deal with, and track behaviours, ensuring children understand that actions have consistent consequences while also ensuring that our parents are kept well informed. Please note all teachers will have a strict zero tolerance for the behaviours listed above, while also ensuring all children have a voice and have ways of getting help when dealing with playground interactions that don’t always go the way they should.

From tomorrow, we will be introducing a time-out room each lunchtime between 12.40pm and 1.10pm where children will go if their actions/ behaviours have been recorded by a teacher the day before. This may be just for a talk (especially younger children), or they may be required to complete a letter to bring home for you, so you are made aware of what occurred.  We ask you to sign and return the letter the next day. On the letter you will also be provided the opportunity to let us know if you want to discuss the situation further. If we do not receive a signed letter back, we will make contact with you to follow up ASAP.

Depending on what the issue/ incident involved there may also be a time-out period applied in addition to the letter going home.

Sometimes a child can be upset that they may have to come to the timeout room the next day, especially if this is the first time they have had to do so, or they have not been at school long.  Please know that we will listen to all sides before deciding on any consequence, and take past behaviour, age of the child etc into consideration before doing so. If your child does come home upset we ask you to still support us, as it is necessary we are consistent in following our systems including how we follow through with any consequence given.  Experience shows that for most children, one visit is enough to encourage them to make better choices in the future.

Please note any behaviour that is deemed serious will result in the children involved being removed from our playground immediately, while we investigate further.

We know that by working together,  we can improve our culture for the benefit of ALL and we thank you for your support in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of the leadership team, if you wish to discuss this further.

Kind regards
on behalf of the Cornwall Park District School Staff











Cornwall Park 小学全体教职员工

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