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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.


I am aware that dropping off and picking up children can be a very stressful time, trying to find a park close to the school. However, I do ask you all to please be mindful that as a school we try really hard to maintain a positive attitude with our neighbours.  I do receive from time to time, emails from neighbours upset about parents parking in their driveways, blocking them in when they have appointments etc.

Please remember that Auckland Transport parking wardens are able to issue a ticket to anyone they see blocking the vehicle entrance to any property, even if you are still in the car.  No one wants to have to pay a fine like this leading up to Christmas.

Remember what might just be a one off “quick” stop for you,  may be the final straw for a resident when it happens to them every day by (different drivers), when they have to wait while a car leaves the driveway to enter or exit their own property.


Just a reminder that the carpark by the tennis club is owned by the Cornwall Park Trust.  To ensure continued use we need to ensure we respect their rules of use.  Please do not park on the grass areas at anytime and please also help each other by not leaving cars unattended in the flow of traffic, or left unattended behind parked cars, stopping other parents from leaving.  It is also essential that you never call your children to join you on the other side of the carpark.

Your children are precious to us and their safety is paramount.    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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