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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am aware that social media for many of us, is an integral way of communicating with others.  I do however, urge caution when sharing information that may invade the privacy of others, especially children.  If you are experiencing issues that concern children (your own or others) it is extremely important that you discuss this with the class teacher and or school leadership, so we are aware of it and can work with all those involved to resolve it once we have all relevant information pertaining to the situation.    

Please remember that we have a shared responsibility to protect ALL our children and families.

Sharing names and or other information about children online is not OK.



我知道,对于我们许多人来说,社交媒体是与他人沟通的一种不可或缺的方式。 但是,当您在分享讯息的时候必须要特别小心,因为有可能会侵犯他人隐私,特别是儿童。 如果您遇到涉及儿童的言论(不论是您自己或者是他人)的问题,请与您的班主任或学校领层讨论这个问题,这是非常重要的,这样我们就可以意识到这个问题的存在,并且可以与所有相关人员合作解决问题, 因为我们有更全面的信息。




Janine Irvine


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