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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Pigeons gazed with black, beady eyes. Flamboyant peacocks strutted proudly. Innocent quails sniffing curiously for dangers. UHF radios blaring. Mountain boards waiting patiently for a rider. Children cautiously placing trembling feet onto the climbing wall. Children’s lit up faces all around us. Nature embraced the park. Grass glistened. Water shimmered. Blue skies shone over Shakespear. The aroma of tangy nachos wafted through the air. Hot dogs dripped spicy runny mustard. Crystal clear water desperately tried to outshine its surroundings. A vortex of beauty pulled in the children. Air rifle bullets sliced the air. Birds chirped their heavenly song. This was camp!

By Yogya Room 15


This is a great piece Yogya. 

Camp definitely provides authentic motivation for writing as this piece clearly demonstrates.

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