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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

As part of our focus on well-being this year,  all classes are completing the Kia Kaha programme before the end of the term.  This is an ‘Anti- bullying’ programme designed by NZ Police. The associated web site can be viewed by clicking here.

As part of this, staff felt it was important that we developed a shared language that we could all use when we speak to children regarding social/ playground interactions.  Staff commit a lot of time to investigating issues that occur in our classrooms and playgrounds, ensuring all voices are heard.  We are careful not to make assumptions by taking the time to talk to all children involved, including those who may have witnessed something that will help us put all the pieces together in order to see the whole picture with more clarity.  While we ultimately aim for everyone to eventually agree, the reality is sometimes people need to agree to disagree. As can be expected it is often the children involved on the fringes or bystanders who can provide the most objective interpretation.

It is then up to the teacher(s) / Leadership team to make a decision if any consequence is warranted.  

One of the main things we want to find out initially is how big a problem is to the child(ren) involved.  To assist us in this, the whole school is introducing and using the same problem scale.

In addition to this, we are also using the following narrative to help us work out whether we are dealing with a social interaction that has gone wrong or a more serious act of bullying.  


Teachers will be using role play in class (as part of the bigger Kia Kaha programme) in order to successfully embed both these across the school.  They may also be useful for parents to use at home if they wish.

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