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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

This year, CPDS have decided to reintroduce a house system where all children are grouped, with their whānau, into one of four houses named after our school values: Aroha ( Compassion) , Manawanui, (Perseverance) Kanorau ( celebrating Diversity) & Whakakotahi (Showing integrity).

This move is in response to our students telling us, through the student well-being survey last year, that they would like more of a voice about issues at CPDS. We also believe that by introducing a house system we can build a stronger, more positive and supportive school culture by providing our junior students a regular chance to meet and become friendly with the older students at school. The result of which we hope, will be strengthened bonds across the school.

There will be between 3- 4 house meetings per term, at which time all students from that house are invited to identify issues which concern them, and then offer possible solutions for these. From this point the issues will then be brought to a meeting with members of the Leadership Team.

Each house will have 4 house captains, selected for their ability to collaborate with and encourage all the members of their house. This opportunity will be offered only to Year 6 students at this stage.

Once a term, we will have a whole school house assembly. This is when the house that has gained the most points across the term (from classroom and playground behaviours) will win a house reward. We are encouraging all our students to see the introduction of houses as a chance to celebrate all the values of CPDS. Although we expect to see lots of opportunities for competition, it will be positive with the primary focus on reinforcing and promoting the four CPDS values equally.

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