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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Now we are up and running for the year it is a good time to check that you have your school app all set up for your children this year.  Your app does not automatically update the room changes for your child, so those of you who have not already gone in and changed room numbers and year levels as necessary, will need to do this manually.

Steps to do this

Open up app

Open the three lines in the top left hand corner

Open Alert subscriptions

Push the white circle for each group you would like to belong to, and a yellow circle with a tick will appear to show you are now subscribed.  You can also remove unwanted groups by pushing the highlighted circles and the tick will disappear

Our app does have random in-built testing to ensure it is always performing at the optimium level.  However, if you experience frustration with the app or our webpage at any time we would appreciate it if you could please let us know so we can feed that back to our technical people.

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