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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Unfortunately, we have been the target of graffiti artists over the past month or so, with parts of our school being defaced regularly. This is obviously costing us with the time it takes Shane to remove it every morning after we are tagged, as well as the damage to our pull down blinds by the bag cubbyholes, that look like they will now need replacing. I am sure most vandals who attack schools see it as a faceless crime that doesn’t hurt anyone, however, as our insurance excess is high due to being a school it also doesn’t take long before it starts to add up and will ultimately impact on our students and our staff.    We work hard to keep our environment looking good and this constant tagging is having a demoralising effort on Shane and the rest of the staff.  If anyone has any ideas on who may be doing this we just want it to stop!!!

I would also like to ask any families who may be around the school during the evening and or over the holiday period to keep an eye on people on our school grounds.  If you come across someone acting suspiciously please ring the Police and if you believe they may be our taggers please try and get a photo if you are able, without putting yourself at risk.  This may help us stop the regularity of these events.



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