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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

On Thursday 14 September, we had a number of our students represent CPDS at the Mathex Competition held at St Kents School, competiting against a number of local schools.  If you have not attended this event, you need to know it involves speed, mathematical problem solving, as well as lots of running and it can become very intense.  It involves strategy,  as teams need to decide when to pass in a problem that may be taking to long or whether they will to stick with it to get more points.  Competition is always tough and even though we were not placed on the night,  I know our children would have given their all during this event.  So congratulations to the following children -Connor S, Jifei S, Ella K, Siddharth J, Jaden L, Olivia Z, Nandan V, Angel W, Imogen P, Max M, Aiden Z, Zoe H, and Tony C.  Thanks also to Jan Quensell and Erin Hooper for organising and training these teams.

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