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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

I have recently celebrated my first year at Cornwall Park School working in the school office. On my very first day while being introduced to the staff at morning tea, I was very surprised to be referred to as as “Office Angel”. I conjured up this image of wearing wings and a halo as part of my job description, luckily I learn’t this wasn’t a compulsory uniform component. I then also had the adjustment of being called “Belinda” by the students, rather than the more formal title of “Mrs Law”. After taking everything on board I have had a thoroughly enjoyable year with the support of management, staff and colleagues. I receive a smile, have a laugh, a sick bay drama and a “oh no” moment every week, which makes working here interesting and an awful lot of fun. My husband Ian and I have four children, James 24, William 23, Amelia 20 and Robert 18. Our children are very busy, but that’s what family is all about and we love it!

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