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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

The PTA is a group of interested parents and teachers who take responsibility for organising various activities to support the School. 

These activities include:

  • Community events which include a school dance for the children, Quiz Night for parents, family orienteering in Cornwall Park, parenting presenters and afternoon tea for new parents
  • Support activities for the school such as walking school buses and parent helpers at the school crossing.
  • Fundraising activities including family photos, children’s art calendars, annual knowledge and spelling “Athon” and entertainment book sales.

The PTA raises funds which are used to provide resources for the school which are not covered by other school funding. Funds raised over the last few years have been used for library books, ICT equipment such as interactive whiteboard technology for classrooms and digital cameras, outdoor play equipment, sun shades, equipment and uniforms for sports teams, classroom play resources, musical instruments and much more.

The PTA also plays a key role in keeping parents informed about things that are going on around the school. The PTA offers a great opportunity for both teachers and parents to enjoy a better understanding of each other.  Everyone is welcome and any level of contribution is always appreciated.


We appreciate the help given to the School by parents during the year.  Indeed without such help, it would be difficult for students to become as involved as they are.

Some of the ways of helping in and around the school include in the classroom or library, down at the swimming pool or at Waterwise during the summer, the PTA, the Fair and the Board of Trustees.

If you would like to help in our classrooms it would be much appreciated, however, it is important that all new helpers complete a ‘Parent help’ orientation session before working with children, so we all have a shared understanding of what is involved. More information relating to these sessions can be found on the calendar.

Everyone is welcome to attend a PTA meeting. Meetings are held twice a term in the staff room, dates will be announced in our newsfeed and school calendar. If you wish to join either the Friends of the PTA Newsletter or receive meeting minutes or agendas please email us at

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