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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

After School

It is very important that children go straight home after school, or to the area they will be picked up from by their parents.  I have noticed that we have a number of children choosing instead, to go and play on the playground after the bell. Hopefully this will become less of an issue now it is a bit colder and rain has become more frequent.  However, we do not have any teachers on playground duty after school and so for ‘Health and Safety’ reasons it is important children only play on the equipment if they have a parent present and looking after them.   Teachers do check up on this, so please do not take offence if your child is asked to identify adults looking after them.

Talking to other people’s children at school

If your child is having issues with other children at school, it is really important you proactively raise the issue with a staff member.  I understand that when incidents involving your children happen, it can be very concerning and emotional for you, as parents. The best person to touch base with is your child’s teacher, however, you are most welcome to come and talk to any member of the leadership team, at any time also.  If we are able to deal with initial incidents quickly, we can hopefully stop them from becoming bigger issues.

Staff are able to take an objective non-emotional approach to issues and we take the time required to investigate the facts with all those involved and/or those who may have witnessed an incident to ensure we build the best picture of what is happening or has happened.  We can then apply any appropriate consequences fairly and contact parents, as is necessary.  It is very important that you allow staff to do this, instead of attempting to approach other children yourself.  We unfortunately have had instances already this year, of children being scared when approached by adults and then their parents have raised concerns that their children have been bullied by these parents;- something I am sure no-one wants.

If at any time, you feel staff are not taking your concerns seriously, then please come and talk to the leadership team, and remember that the school has a complaints procedure for anyone who does not feel we have followed our procedure and/or policies correctly.







孩子们放学后请直接回家,或者直接让他们的父母接回家是非常重要的。我发现我们有很多孩子选择在放学后留在学校游楽场或者操场上玩。由于天气变冷,下雨频繁,希望这将不会成为一个问题。但是,我们没有任何教师在放学后留在校园里監督,因此,出于 “健康和安全” 的理由,如果孩子有父母在场并照看他们,那么孩子们就能留下来玩学校设备。教师会对此进行抽查,因此,如果教师要求您的孩子说出照顾他们的成年人是谁,请不要介意。



教职员工能够对问题采取客观而且非情绪化的方式处理,我们会花时间与所有参与者和/或可能目睹事件的人一起调查事件,以确保我们能够清楚了解事件发生的前后。然后,我们可以公平地运用适当的懲罚,并在必要时与父母联系。让教职员工有机会这样做是非常重要的,而不是身为父母的人试图接近其他的孩子。不幸的是,我们今年已经有过这样的例子:孩子被成年人接近了之后感到害怕,然后他们的父母担心他们的孩子被其他的父母欺负了;  – 我确信没有人愿意有这样的事情发生。


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